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Tutors to help new players?

So, recently I played FFXIV and they have a system where players who have played a lot and are willing to help others can become tutors. I think it's a pretty good idea, you could even add incentives to give people more of a reason to do it. It's something that could help the in-game community, and to get more people to be helpful to each other. Let me know what you all think, thanks!


  • It's become a very common system in a lot of mmorpgs. The topic did come up in one of the Q and As but I can't remember the answer.
  • [quote quote=9760]The topic did come up in one of the Q and As but I can’t remember the answer.


    Here you go:


    "Mentorship and teacher programs are cool, I like them, because they allow interactions between players that have been in the game and new players who are just joining, especially for friends and stuff. I think it coincides well with we have planed with certain horizontal progression systems we have in the game. Without giving a definitive yes, I would say maybe."
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