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A Newbie's Guide: Ashes of Creation

Hello and Welcome to Ashes of Creation Newbies! I know you must be eager to play the game, but alas it hasn't released yet! Now that you know that, you may have a few questions, such as "When will the game release?" and after that you may ask "How can i get a Beta or Alpha Key?" Well Before i tell you that, why not join the Ashes of Creation Official Discord right <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>. Get with the community, talk, speculate on what you believe is to come of this game. Now back to your questions, The games Closed Alpha is set to Release in Q4 of 2017, which if you don't know is October - December months, and to get a key, you must win them through weekly raffles, either hand picked ones, or the random drawing, which alternate every week, or the Upcoming KickStarter. That's all the questions I will be answering here, but don't worry, there's more!

Below is a list I've compiled of Almost Every source of Information on Ashes, that i believe is relevant to you! (I know right, you're welcome!)

-<a href="" target="_blank">Official Ashes of Creation Discord</a>: Here is where the active community is, including Steven, which is more then enough to join.

-<a href="" target="_blank">Official Ashes of Creation Youtube Channel</a>: Where you can find all those sweet official Ashes of Creation Videos

-<a href="" target="_blank">The Community Docs</a>: Here Chkoupinator, Nivhawk, and Frederik (The Duck) complied a lot of relevant Ashes of Creation Info, from Screenshots and Fan Art to Questions already ANSWERED by Steven himself! The Known Information Doc is the go to doc to (Ctrl F) before you ask anything in #ask_intrepid Channel.

-<a href="" target="_blank">DeathsProxy Youtube Channel</a>: Specifically the Ashes of Creation Videos he has made, they offer great explanations, and information that you probably don't know, unless you've already watched them.

-<a href="" target="_blank">Sarumonin's How to, Ashes of Creation Discord Video</a>: Teaches you how to Ashes of Creation discord, amazing guy, on release be sure to stop by his Mango/Papaya Stand!

-<a href="" target="_blank">Guild List</a>: LF Guild? Well it seems you're in luck, here Needletail compiled almost every single Ashes guild NA, EU, SEA/OCE, and others.

-Visit #faq and #intrepid_answers Channels on the Official Discord, too good info stuff located there as well.

If you still have a question AFTER searching through all these precious info places, then please, ask over in #ask_intrepid for one of the Devs to potentially take note of it and maybe even answer your question. If they don't answer, or another well informed member, then please wait, or fee free to speculate your own answers!
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