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Hey all,

Seems like we got a small, but growing community here that I am real eager to join. Found this game via a post on a site I always visit (Funnyjunk if anyone was wondering).

Loving the emphasis on player driven worlds in this game, I'm sure its already even in play as we talk on the forums here. Really excited to see how the games changes and grows over its development period.
I guess I few facts and info about me should be included so:

Location: Orange County, California, USA
Sex: M
Age: 18
Favorite Games: Dark Souls Series, Borderlands Series, Destiny, Team Fortress 2, Metal Gear Solid Series
Steam: <a href="">Here</a> Saint#12121
XBL: Gurren Logann

Other fun stuff: Hit me up if you wanna play some games anytime. I am a big fan of tanking in RPGs and will often build my characters head to toe in the bulkiest, most badass looking armor possible. I'm also a fan of anime, as well as other general nerd stuff like computers and tech. Also have a <a href="">Tumblr Blog</a>, mostly games I'm into, anime, and other stuff I find amusing.


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