Player Customisation

I want to start by saying that I'm super excited about this game and will contributing on kickstarter when possible!

One of the biggest things I've been hoping for in a AAA MMO is the ability for you to customise your character in a very unique way (Think Path of Exile).

I understand that you can not escape 'cookie cutter' builds as time progresses in an MMO, but it would be nice if there was more choice over what your character could develop into.

Ultimately it would be nice to know that your character is yours an unique rather than just another 'healer' or 'tank'.



  • There should be a lot of customization options with skill augmentation system. We know you get skill augmentations from your secondary class as well as places like your race and religion. We have been given examples of a warrior/mage turning there charge into a blink and a warrior/summoner augmenting his forward melee attack into a summons a weapon to attack for him. With 64 class/secondary class combinations and the other skill augmentations you can get from different sources, there should be a lot of opportunity to make your character unique.
  • Hopefully gear could also play a role in adding diversity. Not just form raw power either but from uniqueness of passives and etc. I would recommend something similar to ESO's armor passives (not their entire armor system but those passives are unique) as they provide a different experience depending on which set you decide to wear.

    Another thing to consider is that, I think I read it somewhere, that races are likely to have stats. This means that even though you may me a certain matchup of classes you may experience the game different than say another race does with the same matchup.

    At the end of the day I would appreciate it if there were as little of the 'cookie cutter' problem as possible and for most viable things to be viable.
  • Some people are bothered by the "cute clothing" as they call it but I actually think it brings variety to the game. Also some people like to cosplay so I'm hoping that they include all types of clothing/armor. But considering they already mentioned outfits via cash shop I'm sure that they are going to work on it! :D
  • the game dev's are working on making the MMO unique as it can be, i think it has a high probability of making it a wide variety of customization, so don't worry :)
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