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Greetings from outer space \o/

Hi everyone, GlacialisD here. It's often said that I'm a woman with my head so far in the clouds, I might as well be in outer space, and I figured: Eh, why not~ As I often introduce myself as being from Mercury anyway. Ofcourse this started as an injoke, so I won't explain the clue quite yet.

Either way, I turned 24 as of 2 days ago and am an avid gamer (As you might have guessed). Admittedly, lately I'm more of a casual player, but that was because the sheer competitiveness was causing me more stress than I can handle. And while I don't stress THAT easily under most circumstances, I can handle very little of it without my body/consciousness giving up on me due to the cataplexy accompanying my narcolepsy.

But that's enough of the heavy stuff I guess. Who'd be interested in it anyway? Well, that goes for the entire post I guess, but allow me some delusions please. I wouldn't be me without my rose-tinted glasses making this life of mine just barely bearable.

Other Hobbies include RP in it's various forms, cosplay, reading, writing, drawing, handwork-y things like knitting and origami, Gothic Lolita, trolling and ignoring other idiots. I've tried to stream gaming for a while, but after 3 months with the only reply being 'First' I gave up on it. I guess there were just too many people doing the same, but much better then me.

Ask away if you think I've forgotten to mention things, or are just curious in general, because I can't think of anything else to tell.


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    Greetings GlacialisD and welcome to the AoC community.
    If I wasn't at work and on my phone I'd attach some refrence links for you to get a run down of what is already known about AoC.
    If no one has posted by the time I get home I'll be sure to post for you!
    Oh and Happy belated birthday BTW and welcome again!
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    Salutations GlacialisD,

    I see that Bhan didn't reply to you with any links, I will provide you with some links with some infrormation about Ashes of Creation!

    If you want to know about the mechanics of AoC( Ashes of Creation), you can check out this link: [url=]<strong>Spreadsheet</strong>[/url].

    If you wan't to talk to other community members and just chill out, you can join our Discord community here: [url=]<strong>Discord link</strong>[/url].

    Now there's only one thing to talk about, and that is thing is the weekly key drawings, with these keys you get access to Alpha that's going to be released in Q4 of 2017. There's a chance that you win a key (as you guessed) every week. for more information you can read this forum topic: [url=]<strong>Topic</strong>[/url].

    If you have any more questions you can check for some FAQ in the discord under the chat: #faq in the Discord Community!
    Also, if you have specific questions, you can ask us on Discord or talk directly to the developers there. Or just message me on there, my name is Brolorz#7486 . I hope to see you on the discord and that you enjoy your time here!

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    Salutations . I am often in clouds myself - nice to meet other 'Cloud Dwellers' Xp.
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    Hello and welcome to the Community!
    Since im lazy as fuck i'll just give you the link to Kasages AMAZING newbie guide, where you can find all the infos you are looking for.
    See you on discord :P
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    Welcome GlacialisD ! Good to have you here friend. I will be 23 this year my self. Wow we share many of the same hobby's woot! My 1st love will always be gaming but cosplay is the best as well and of course anime. I hope I see you on Discord.

    You are from Mercury one of the hottest places in are solar system but it can still hold ice that's pretty sweet.
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    Welcome to the Community, hope you are here for the stay. What games have you tried to stream prior?
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    [quote quote=10375]Welcome to the Community, hope you are here for the stay. What games have you tried to stream prior?


    I hope so too ^^

    Either way, the games I tried to stream were FFXIV and Aura Kingdom, the latter mostly because of nostalgia.
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