A Moment With Maki-Podcast


Soon™ : )

What makes it so unique?
I am aiming to involve everyone, not just the well-known personalities. 
We Want to know what the community really thinks. About what?  Well about everything.  

Show format?
Each podcast will be tailored to a specific topic and community members who specialize in that area or show interest in that matter will be able to voice their opinions. 
The setting will be intimate for all interviews as to not create pressure or backlash. We'll leave that for the comments section. The sessions will take place in the Anthology Discord, which is invite only at this time. Each Episode will be uploaded to my youtube page and shared in the proper social media circles for the public. 

Who can participate? 
Everyone may participate, you will just have to follow the proper channels to get invited. 

Where to apply?
Send me a DM on the AoC official forums or DM on discord Makinoji#7158 with your available time and date to interview and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

1. Discord
2. Mic/headset
3. Desired Avatar and or guild emblem to feature
4. A great attitude 


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