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Gatherer gear and appearance

I was wondering if a gatherer has to use a specific gear while gathering and if it can be seen by PK (player killers).
For example, in FFXIV the gatherer gear makes you weaker at the point where you prefer to run away than kill mobs.
Thank you.


  • This sort of thing hasn't been decided on I imagine. We don't have any information on a system like what you are talking about. However personally I like the idea of a gear set providing low combat efficiency but increased gathering speed/identification range/stealth. It could make exploration and gathering mechanics more interesting.
  • I haven't heard any information about this from the developers, but it sounds like an interesting idea. The only fear I have in regards to it, is that certain gear might be a little too powerful, allowing you to get far ahead of everyone else.
  • WEll, tbh it really makes no sence to change gear while you are mining or doing some skinning, ( exept for the weapons ). I do understand the consept, Gloves that will make your hands more steady so you can pick better quality flowers and stuff like that. But im not a big fan of the idea of changing gear every time you are going to improve your gatherer skill.

    But then again. IF the game allows you to build a house and make a Mine on your property, or grow plants if you have the right seeds then yes. If you are in your own land and no monsters can attack you then the idea would be fun to get the most out of your own land.
  • I'm always looking into creative and unique ideas. And this indeed sounds like a great way to promote crafting/mining & stuff instead of the regural grind/mob farming we are used to.
  • No information of it available yet but for sure a great Idea!
  • I remember upgrading my harvesting gear in Horizons then whipping out my calculator to figure out the most efficient metal bars per run to make and haul from A to B. I made a fortune selling these blue metal crafting hammers and picks - I don't remember the alloy, it was almost 15 years ago. =P

    It was a little grindy looking back, but that system was really fun for me at the time.
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