Node pros and cons

A question came up on this topic in a different group, and it got me to thinking on how nodes will really work.

1. If a node is at the max level, will the area around the node be to high for new players?

2. Will we see node griefing in the game, two super guilds just keep knocking down one node, and never letting it get past level 3?

3. How do you keep the far away nodes active, if no one knows it's there?

I am sure some where these question got answered, but I would like to keep this topic going on other pros and cons of the node system.

One pro is you bring people together for a common cause. I will leave it at that for a while. I will return later after work guys. So lets hear your thoughts.


  • 1. No, as the spawn tables have been explained so far as continuing to have a mix of lower and higher level mobs in the area, earlier lower level instanced content may or may not remain depending on certain criteria.
    2. Most likely not, since population is going to be around 10k concurrent they are shooting for. Guilds will max out at around 300, so while you may have 10 percent of the population involved in such behavior, the other 90 percent eventually will smack them in the teeth.
    3. Nodes delevel automatically if not "fed". So if no one is there or doing anything in that area, it would stay at 0, people hang out for awhile, it pops to level 2 fairly quickly, then they move on, over time it would delevel back to wilderness

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