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Party System needed?

On AoC Blog we can find that we are able to create partys up to 8 Players. Do you think its need to have an Searchsystem to find Random Ppl?


  • Umm...they have already stated there will be no groupfinder. There will be message boards in taverns/inns that will allow people to post ads for desired archetypes/skills/jobs to fill out your party. There is no cross server play/no fast travel and no port to dungeon. You have to go old school, form a group, then get everyone there overland, complete your goal, then get everyone home safe with your loot.
  • Ah sorry. Thanks for your answer:) just found it now.
  • There are going to be a number of systems like LFG that have come into modern MMO's that will not be implemented into AOC. While many will wonder why this is as its a time saving feature that enabled people to accomplish their goals in an efficient manner there are those who feel that such systems like LFG have slowly eroded the community feeling that MMO's once had.

    I honestly hope people will come to realise that AOC as a game is trying to recapture what made the early days of mmo's fun and memorable but bring it all together in a way that takes advantage of todays tech. Created a world that you become immersed in and will want to take your time to explore not just a theam park ride that takes you from point A to point B. 
  • There won't be group finder. It helps, but is not required.

    None of the poll options match my answer, so I didnt vote.
  • Welcome to the world of pugs  :)
  • Neither option 1 or 2 of the poll would be truthful of me
  • zazukeys said:
    Welcome to the world of pugs  :)
    Image result for pugs gif
  • I mean, best part about MMO was having to rely on others to help you accomplish your goals, it might be your guild, friends, or randoms if your goals align then a party should and can be formed. I don't think a party system should have a need to be implemented it will form organically.   
  • I didn't vote. I don't mind grouping with randoms but, I'm glad we won't have one. I don't mind being patient and waiting for a group to finish something.  I also like that you might see someone in the same area, and you would be inclined to talk to them to see if you can help each other out.  I'm happy with how they're doing message/meeting boards.  It encourages ingame community building and does not rely on forums or discord.
  • I thought the parties were from 8 and Up, not up to 8
  • Third option, I play with randoms (it's one of the ways to meet new people) but no need for automatic search system for that.

    Meet people in the world and group with them manually.
  • I'LL ADMIT IT! While I love the idea of going to a message/bullitein board to see requests for groups or raids, I feel that if we rely on the community to be kind, understanding and cooperative, we are going to eventually have problems. Once a player reaches max level, they WILL prioritize an effective group member. Well, I guess that depends on the kind of dungeon... I've never played an MMO where the combat strength of the player was not directly coorelated to the groups ability to fight bosses and mobs. Maybe in Ashes there will be puzzles or obstacles that require less combat and more... skillful finnese?
  • I will go with randoms for stuff like gathering parties, crafting parties, or defending vs monster tokens, not for dungeons or raids. Neither party finder nor meeting people in person for dungeons or raids, it doesn't make a difference, they're still random to me. I want friends or guildmates for that. And I'll have to meet them from some other activity than random dungeon runs (in my experience, no one talks anyways).
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