Possible Node Spawn Abuse?

Just a random speculation on my part, but in the videos that they have shown about the nodes they show that upgrading a specific node can create an event. Is it going to be possible to upgrade a node to trigger an event, whether it is a dungeon, epic monster, or quest that grants an amazing reward, and then let that node degrade just to upgrade it again and trigger the event again to farm that reward. I am not sure if it is just a chance that the event will trigger, or if there are rewards that would even be worth allowing a node to degrade, to upgrade it again.


  • I would assume the event is more along the lines of 'help out the city or protect the node until it fully expands, etc. I highly doubt there is going to be ways to abuse it as there will be most likely tens of nodes available in the game, with only, as they've stated several times, fewer and fewer higher ranking nodes until there's only 5 metropolises with smaller nodes near them, I would assume.
  • When events like this are triggered, especially big ones with high rewards, there are usually safeguards, like a time-frame or "filler" events that would trigger the second or third time. Perhaps the events that get triggered are chosen at random by the system? Each node level that qualifies for triggering events could be given a pool of possible events to trigger. So, if it's random like this, then there really isn't a way to abuse it to the point where it's "breaking" the game,
  • I imagine there will be time restraints just like with the sieges, where once the event is completed it cannot be triggered again for a number of weeks afterwards.
  • Don‘t know if this is possible, but think about the price and time it will take.
    1. You level a node to trigger an event.
    2. To delevel a node you need a siege (this costs time and money)
    3. The siege must be successful
    4 you need to level a node again to have an event triggered (if possible) and get the right event (maybe there is a chance of 1 to 5 to get the event you want)
    So even if it‘s possible I don't think it is worth all the trouble.
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