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I have been playing DDO since late 06' I have tried Neverwinter online, was stoked and followed it until it went live... left a bad taste in my mouth. Looking forward to this game.


  • Welcome to the community!
  • Welcome to the community :)

    Fear is good for you, lets you keep going to defeat it it instead of candy shop everything xD
  • The monetisation model in NWO left a bad taste in my mouth as well, hopefully Ashes will never ever become that. Welcome to the community mate!
  • Well, the very 1st thing that caught my attention was: "AoE is never gonna be p2w game".

    Welcome! :D
  • Welcome to the community 
  • Welcome to this great community.
  • Welcome @Doomlord! ^^
  • Welcome to the community. I hope you have fun on the forum.
  • Welcome :D

  • Welcome to our community! o/
  • Welcome to the forums! 
  • Welcome to the community! I think you're expressing a thought most of us have. MMOs have been a scary genre to build hype for thanks to microtransactions (and other elements too) but the devs of Ashes truly seem to just get it
  • Welcome to the forums, glad to have you!
  • Hello and Welcome to the Community :mrgreen:

  • Welcome man :D
  • @Doomlord Hi and welcome to the forums. I too have been waiting for a game to come along to look forward to for many years.  What first drew me to this game was how Intrepid is reaching out to the community for feedback even from the beginning of development and they have stated no pay to win which is great. I like that this is being developed by gamers themselves who want to bring back what made them fall in love with online games in the first place. When you listen to Steve and his team you can see they are passionate in bringing something great to the table.  They have good rapport and fun even though its a long road ahead you can see they are up for the challenge and we as a community are excited at the prospect, however skeptic, however enthralled each of us is excited. Glad to you have you with us.

    Cheers and here's to bringing back community, kinship, and great games.  
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