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What exactly is the point of the AoC website?

I'm asking this seriously - in all the time I've been following this game, I would say 90% of the game updates have found their way to me through third party sites. And when trying to confirm or find more on this site, I usually find a big fat nothing. Complete silence. 

I'm not talking about the forum, mind you - but about the main site itself.

I don't understand how Intrepid can neglect its own website and its visitors to such extent. There's a lot of technical issues with it too, but the shocking lack of content and updates is the biggest issue. It's like the website is just an afterthought, a checkbox to tick, "yes, we have that".

A blog post every 2-3 months is not exactly something to be proud of. I understand Intrepid wants to engage the wider gaming community through Facebook, Twitch and such, but that does not mean should be ignored, does it?

So what's up with this? Is this some bizarre novel PR tactics? When will we see a proper Ashes of Creation website that can be used as THE single reference point on everything AoC?


  • All the blogs are on the website, links to the store, forums and social sites work? So i dont understand the question ?! shouldnt they have a website at all ?
  • The website is for registration of your account, Buying packages and merchandise, Contacting Support, Hosting a FAQ, Showing off the current images of screenshots form the Game, publishing official Dev Blogs about the game. It also has some functionality for KS and Summer Backers for purchasing Addons from other campaigns to add them to their current package, as well as upgrading the tier of their current package.

    And that's only the current functionality, there will be futher functionality added by the end of January in particular for the KS and Summer backers to manage their cosmetics. Though it may have other things they have not told us about yet.

    It's not a news site, though I also think there should be a place in there for news and updates, that does not mean it's useless.
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    They do a lot of their communication via Discord.  If you haven't joined the official discord you should!  
  • @BrotherMaynard
    I bet the reason of this is that website is used to let everyone know about something that is pretty much 99.99% confirmed and is not going to be changed any time soon. 

    Every other 3rd party provides much more info, that is true, but it does not mean that this info will not be out of date the next day or week, because as you know, game is not out yet, it is still development.

    In any case, I agree with you, that they should provide some more fresh info on their website. That would cool.

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