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Character Builds

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Will Character builds be limited to your primary and secondary class, the abilities you have slotted and item build? Or will there be a more detailed character progression?

What makes my Cleric/Cleric High Priest for example different from the next Cleric/Cleric? 

Are there D&D type stats that, as you level you can distribute points for modifiers so you can specialize what kind of Cleric I Might want to be?

If I’m playing a Cleric/Cleric and want to switch to Cleric/Tank how do my stats change? I would have leveled my character for one play style but now my stats, class, abilities and play style are driven towards another play style?


  • There isn't much info about character progression and stats but my guess is that just like most games characters will gain stat increase with levels so when you change from a High Priest to a Paladin your stats will be corrected but you will need to get the gear yourself.

    There is still the option of having an NPC reset your stats if you ever feel like you want to respec if we have to choose which stats to progress with each level.
  • Gear will be one option, since it won't be tier based but component based (So i make a sword with mithril instead of Platinum) it will have different stat combinations /-weights and so on associated with it.
    Your chosen skills will be another differentiating factor. You will pick around 8 to 12 skills from a larger skill pool (how large we don't know but several times larger) to make your own set of skills you can use in combat.
    (probably to a lesser degree which augments you take for each skill since there will be several augments to choose from per skill)
    Which Weapon you choose will probably change your personal style a little too. There is no classlock to specific weapon types. So even a Cleric could use a bow for example. They did mention tho that some weapons will probably be better for a given class, but at least the way it sounds is that you will have several valid options and some "special case" types of weapons for each class.

    From the top of my head that's all I can think off that was explained to us at one time or another.
  • One thing is that you have a finite number of points.   

    We have seen parts of 4 of the 8 main trees.  We know that you can put points into the skills to unlock different things.   

    What we don't know is how many points, etc. etc.

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