Where is the PAX Package Upgrade option supposed to be?

Since November/December 2017 there have been talks how you can upgrade your 2017 PAX Packages to a Preorder Pack, as the value you get is by far better than the PAX Packages.

We kept getting told "Soon™" until finally in January we were told "It will be possible by the end of the month".

It is March now, and I still cannot upgrade my package. I was told it has to be done in the dashboard, but when I go to my orders, I do not see any possibility to upgrade.


  • If you had a PAX West pack you'll already have been gifted an upgrade to the pre-order packs. In your account dashboard under "orders, add-ons and upgrades" there will be items displayed as $0. That is the upgrade :) You keep your items from Pax West and gain the additional items from the pre-order pack. This has been given to all PAX West pack holders :3

    Hope this helps!
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    I see in the order details that this only included the mount skin, accessory and pet.

    I could have cared less about those and wanted the included game time, as this is the proper value to me, not cosmetics.

    EDIT: My bad, I see it also includes the voyager pack, which includes game time.
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