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I know it hasn't gotten into "that" stage of development yet,
but here's My 2 cents on Combat:

  • Action Combat-Movement abilities shouldn't be spammed  x10 over like the KingdomHearts Ability " Dodge Roll ". Nor like the BDO constant Dashes in PvP-Confrontations. The Fundamentals of regularly Running/ Jogging/ Swing-the-Weapon should be present at every given moment. As such, those same Fundamentals of Sword-Clashing during Combat should too be present (same goes for " Sword-clashing-against Magic " ). Afterwards, the " intricate-stuff " will elevate things. Then things can be further elevated . Like doing the Feint-Backroll the Ranger did ... but extending that ability by given the option of ricocheting off an Object. Ya know ... trying to convey a sense of Physics.

How much Emphasis should Tab-Target / Action-Combat / FPS-Style on Combat ? I'm not sure how Intrepid would incorporate there Hybrid Combat System. but really hoping every ability will NOT* be restricted by having a Target. At the same time, not letting it get out of hand to where it loses the " Feel " of Fast-paced combat. 

And honestly ...the only Game i can think that convey something similar to this are some Mechanics that KingdomHearts (series) Console game in Organization 13 boss Fights. But only certain nit-picks of Mechanics.

(yeah i can't think of anything. Hello Ashes Community. I miss you guys & gals, can't think of a topic right now Xp )


  • i don't think the combat needs to be more difficult, but i feel like it would be a make it or break it deal for me if the combat doesn't end up more fluid and bit more fast paced (not necessarily harder) at the time of beta or release. OH and if the combat was a bit more enjoyable to look at that would help too and yes i know all current combat footage is still not close to the final product what do you think about that?
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    Well ... the only thing i DO know or certain is that Intrepid did promise that they'll get more into Combat in 2018 
    • More specifically, it was mentioned that more information about Summoner, Fighter, Bard and Rogue will be introduced.
    With that said, i do believe that additionally information about Combat in general will be finally brought-to-light..

    In other words, i have tons of questions to ask, but everytime I  think of them, it seems as though that the best thing to do is wait and see how things transpire. Because i trust the Devs for this MMO will do it right due to how much experience is sitting in that office 
    • hence the below image

  • Will there be a stamina resource to manage I wonder ?
  • I do hope they have multiple ways of dealing with the classes and its not all down to the 3... Mana/Stamina/cooldowns.
  • Balance will be essential here. If the game is too action combat it will not hold subs and it will be cash shop p2w/f2play in no time flat. To easy and it won't hold subs for lack of any challenge. 

    Again. This will be up to AoC to think outside the box on what to do here. The majority do not want to have to move back and forth trying to line up an arrow shot which is why tab games hold the most subs. At the same time people do not want another FF14/wow.  So if the devs can come up with a decent middle ground that would be awesome.
  • I have no qualms with the idea of a hybrid system, melee and ranger classes would be more fun on an action type control scheme, but that system doesn't work so well for casters. However, what they've shown us hasn't really been in line with that. It seems to just be a drawn down, tab targeting type, and I can't tell if the camera automatically defaults to mouse movement while the character is in motion or if the demo had people clicking and dragging to move the camera. It's looks to be about as "action-mmo" as WoW without addons is. Idk if it's contextual, player choice, or locked to class or something, but it seems more like their saying it's a hybrid solely because people have a phobia of hard lock-on/tab systems, which I've discovered runs really deep in this community too in my brief time on forums.
  • For me its more a question of the right tool for the right job.
    If one makes more sense than the other in a specific context then so be it.

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