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[GALLERY] Ashes of Creation Community Badge Gallery!

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Hey AoC Community! Its Gemii here! o/ 

Bellow are the badges Ive created for the community! These badges are for any and all whom would like to use them! These badges can be worn in your signature as a way to "tag" or "communicate" things that you feel appeal to you. 

Unlike your signature, which may change or flux a lot, badges are something more constant and lasting! 

Ill be making more of these as the time passes by, so always come by and check to see if theres anything new! 

My only request is that anyone using these, does not use badges that were speciality made for someone else! If you would like a custom badge please request it in my Signature Shop!

Upcoming Badge Themes:
  • Flags!
  • Servers!
  • Hobby!
  • Artist Tags!

and MORE! 

URLs for the badges will NOT be supplied by me! The url can be generated on image hosting sites! Badges can be applied to your signature just like other images! 

Kick-Starter Packages
AoC Titles
Class Names
Misc Titles


Note: I did not create any of the pixel art you see in the badges! Also note that this gallery is an extension of my Signature Shop as well. Please make sure to take that post and information in combination with this post for a complete understanding. Thank you.


  • beautiful workie :3<3
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    edited December 2017
    Fabulous.  I might have to appropriate one of those =>.  Which oddly enough Liam seems to be against.  What's wrong with Lunacy?
  • @Silvania Nothing rlly, its more about trying to resist it even if u cant because its so inviting :smirk:. Deep in out hearts we love lunacy ._. <3
  • Nice job!
  • @Liam1333 Good.  Lunacy is great.  Especially when it has no rhyme or reason.
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    edited December 2017
    I may snatch one or two to add it to my siggy 👀
  • Of course you can! @Sarumonin :) Have as many as youd like!
  • These look great Gemii :) added some to my siggy
  • Wonderful! Im so glad you like them! :D
  • that's such a great idea @Gemiichan and also thanks, for all your artistic work you've done ^^

  • Im so glad that your enjoying them @nagash :) Your more then welcomed! <3 Thank you for you continued support!
  • I need no Badge, my lunacy is apparent with every post.

    But love the idea. Adding it to mine would make my signature obscenely big. But I like them :) 
  • Those are stunning loving this community so far :D
  • Class name badges have been added to the gallery! Thank you for all your continued support! Enjoy!
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    edited January 2018
    These are awesome!
  • I dig the subtle nod to old school gaming, the little icons seem like something that would have been found in early nineties titles.
  • Looks great :star: hope to see more :blush:
  • Thank you for all your support guys!! :)<3

    Dont see a badge that you want? Request it in my shop, link in my signature! o/
  • Thank you for those cute little badges <3 Gonna wait for the ones with flags, too.
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    edited March 2018
    Are you going to make one for the Tulnar?
  • too small writing to my opinion, you should redo them with at least a bolder font. White is never the best readable color.
    But its fun :-)
  • @NoeSparks Eventually, yes! lol its was on my list of things to do once I caught up on back orders! Ive been extremely busy! But its coming!

    @Ollinwen Well lucky for you they arent mandatory! ;)  I wont be redoing them; its extremely time consuming and I dont have much of that free these days. But youre more the welcomed to request some that are more "your style" in my shop! Heads up, the orders will be spare and slow coming so it might take some time! 
  • nah, I dont need flashy button, or i would make some myself. :wink:
  • There will be new badges coming very soon! :smile:

    - Flags
    - Tulnar 
    - Game testing phases
    - and MANY MORE!!!

    QUESTION FOR THE COMMUNITY: What type of badges would you like to see added for the entire community as a whole? 

    Let me know in your responses! <3
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