What Kind of Weapons Do You Want To See In Game

What kind of weapons would you like to see in game?  Style of swords, types of staffs, types of long swords, types of daggers, bows.  Personally I would love to see rapiers.  I have always loved that style of weapon. If they created a style were I could wield a rapier & dagger together I would be in heaven.  I interested to hear what you guys want to see. and it can be anything you want, be creative!


  • yeah I saw that post but also noticed it wasn't posted on for a month so I brought it up again for more ppl to talk about it.  I sure you have noticed that pretty much everything has already been talked about at least once already. so if we stop posting then the forum will die, so I'm just talking about stuff that interest me.  And since we are always getting new ppl everyday, I would enjoy talking about things with them as well. 

  • No problem. Wasn't meant as a topic killer, but as a reference of ideas already discussed.
  • Double Japanese War Fan/ Fan/ Tessen/ Gunsen tossing them around as razor blade bumerangs

    Yumi Style.

  • The only thing I need is an opportunity to take dual blades( 1 blade for every hand)
  • As long as they look like actual weapons and are decently detailed, that's what I care about. 
  • The most important thing to me is variety. Too many games have tons of options with many differing appearances at the lower levels. Then at the top you devolve into the "Best" wep, the BEST bow, or the BeST sword, etc. Even with skins, everyone ends up with the same gear. This stifles player choice and diversity.

    I would rather see more of a "Diablo" style approach where the lines are blurred as much as possible, with regards to witch is the best in slot for this or that. Each build, for each class, has a multiple differing options that revolve more around the types and amounts of stats that roll on the wep when it is "dropped".
  • Oh, and don't forget, the artwork should be best in class. I expect nothing less from an American made product ;P
  • Stuff like this. 

  • my wants are simple, a 1handed spear, that i can screw together and make either a 2 headed spear or a 2 handed spear.
  • 1 handed spear, a scythe(not huge ones) and one handed/dual katanas
  • Literally any possible weapon you can think of that existed in medieval ages as well as any weapon from the martial arts world. And mages can have staffs, orbs, spellbooks, tablets, rune stones, wands etc. We also can't forget farming tools. They generally make for great beginner weaponry. sickles, hoes, pitchfork, and wood cutting axe. The only high level farm weapons you'd see is a sickle which then becomes a scythe.
  • By the way are weapons going to be limited by stats. I would understand if my i need to be level 10 to use a level 10 weapon but i don't think there should be something like "must have 100 STR to use this". Weapons not being class restricted a "100 STR" limitation wouldn't be fair for mages since i expect them to be higher in WIS or INT and vice versa. 
  • I wonder if they will have whips.. :naughty:

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    zazukeys said:
    I wonder if they will have whips.. :naughty:

    Bondage roleplay  :p
  • I could so see whips being workable. Fast light mid ranged attacks, disarms,interrupts and cc to bring casters into your mele range. Having one equipped would be requisite to keep your caravan at speed.
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    Whips could be workable if you make them bad at close range and long range.
    Make them a goldilocks weapon if you want to get the most from them.
    Could have climbing utility too.

    Not sure about a pull as your short range will suck.
    Might be nice to move someone form side to side though.
    Especially if there are cliffs and flames nearby
  • Han sword. Fast, precision, sharp, and you can hand it in one or 2 hands what's very interesting in battle.
  • Quarterstaff and Double bladed staff-all for casting and for close combat + Naginata
    +"full contact weapon" - Katars, claws, handwraps from chains
    +Pole weapons like Bec de Corbin

    +Kama and Flail

    Zweihander, Flameberg

  • We had this thread before - still would love to see polearms - spears, halberds, naginatas and so on. 
  • Sword whips though they are pretty unimmersive but still sword whips... :3
  • Probably not a very popular one. But I like muskets.

    (They're older than you might think)
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    I wish the ability to hold a staff in the off- or even mainhand and then a sword in the other at the same time, it would fit a battlemage for example. 
  • A big ass greatsword of course.
  • There will be staffs for mages right? the only staffs ive seen in the alpha so far are the melee fighting kind not the magical kind
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    I really dislike seeing impractical and down right ridiculous weapons. Whips and scythes are not weapons. 14' 200# swords are not weapons.
    Nothing breaks immersion more than looking at that insane anime crap and thinking of the physics of a 100# 5' tall wielder trying to wield that car bumper.
    I would love to see pole arms/axes, war hammers (like the one pictured above), axes, staves, spears. Really any real weapon that is period appropriate from just about any culture would tickle me.
  • Garrote tucked into a secret pocket in your glove. For take down of humanoids 
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    I just hope they don't get stupid with the weapon sizes like most games.  Cloud and Guts are the exceptions, not the rule.  Half the community doesn't need weapons bigger than they are.

    Oh, and I need at least 1 rapier character, so that is my must have weapon.
  • A grimoire is a must have 

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