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Players that want to be social but want to play solo

I have a few question about the social interactions that can be had with the community as a solo player.

Lets say for example that a player wants to be a master craftsman and trade with the community but does not want to be affiliated.

Will there be ways to trade with the community and establish customers and trade investors as an entrepreneur? I know that being in a guild will have many benefits but everyone has their own play style.
I also would like to know if pacts or contracts can be made with solo tradesmen or craftsmen that way they can remain neutral from a business stand point. 

There is much I wish to learn about the trade system in this world.


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    The node you choose to be citizen of will be the factor there. A solo crafter with a home node that will get to stage 5 due to type and placement could easily end up as affluent as most guildies. Node /guild. Your sales and merchant contracts are not guild reliant.

  • Even if you decide to become the hermit merchant king you will have an affiliation. To rent market stalls you may have to be a citizen of that node. (unconfirmed) Placing a freehold will give you citizenship of the node it is placed in also.(confirmed)  While there are always people that dream of being able to avoid the taxman, if you plan on making money that way, you are going to pay. As a citizen of a node you are considered part of that nodes "alliance" for mechanics related to pvp and such. So if the node is attacked you will be flagged as a defender in any case. You may wish to remain "neutral." Make sure you scream that loudly and repeatedly if your node is successfully sieged, you did nothing to help out, and the horde comes to burn your freehold down.
  • Thank you all for being part of this community and answer questions for the newer players, you guys are the cornerstones of communities like these.
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    @Soul-Exorcist these folks really are a great assets to the community, but new players are the foundations that allow that to be so. If we keep asking questions and learning, one day we can do the same for others.
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