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Bard Bagpipes


But seriously, nothing is more inspiring in a battle than a bagpipe.  Minstrels should remain in the taverns with theirs poems and love songs, this is the kind of bard I want buffing me.


  • @Diura gave this a big push last year. Don't remember if they ever bothered to answer either way on if the instrument would be offered. She would be the info guru on this particular issue.
  • I would love to see bagpipes in the game.
  • I would personally like to see different kind of instruments implemented into the game. That would at least give variations to sound effects of skills and huge immersion boost generally to bards. I remember how devs talked how bards can song and dance and not necessarily use instruments. I am not against that, but i would also like to see some instruments. For example something like these:
    • Pipes
    • Bagpipes
    • Flutes
    • Lutes
    • Drums
    • Kantele
    • Violin
    • Harp
  • Wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of instruments so most likely bagpipes too.
  • Still pushing for it ^^ I mean if we are getting potion throwers~~~ 
    I'm hopeful! xD
    @Ferryman I 100% agree :3
  • Diura said:
    Still pushing for it ^^ I mean if we are getting potion throwers~~~ 
    I'm hopeful! xD
    @Ferryman I 100% agree :3
    If we need any weapon is magically infused bagpipes 
  • Actually if a bard from same group tries to inspire (buff) me with dancing. I will most likely shoot him.
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    edited May 2018
    If we are getting a variety of different flavor weapons, why not instruments for the Bard?

    Of course there is also always the possibility that we'll get instruments via the cosmetic shop.

    RACIAL MUSIC!  Race based instruments!  Flutes for elves, bagpipes for dwarves, drums for orcs, etc!  ..This is also in line with what the devs said they want to do with meaningful flavor and play-feeling.
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