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Account Names vs Character Names

This may be a rather simple to answer questions, but how will the naming system work?

If my ashes of creations account name is "Kush", shouldn't I automatically get "Kush" reserved in game? If not, then the name on my forums posting and my in game name would be totally different, leading to tons of confusion.

How will the name system work? When will I be able to get my official name? Do account name holders get first dibs on their account name for their first character?


  • Depending on the pack you bought the sooner you will be able to pick your name. As I have the leader of men, pack I can choose my name before a braver of worlds and below but not before a person who has the royalty pack. Apart from that its first come first served as your forum name has nothing to do with your game name.
  • There may be a Kush on every server to really throw you off. 
  • I have name reserve too.
    However, if the forums dictated your name then players in the game could find you outside of the game, which for me would be unwanted. Me on the forum is not me in the game.
    Also, first come first served name reserve on forums seems odd anyways. They're not directly related. Potential players could show up, pick a name, keep the account on the forums current, but never play the game (you know, trolls). Why would they have privileges here?

    I think it's odd that those two things would be related.
  • It's probably like almost all other games. The forum name will be independent of your character names. They will probably send out name reservation emails and allow people (in waves) to reserve a name for a select server after the servers have been announced. I wouldn't worry too much about it. I've never really seen a company handle this too poorly.
  • The standard like any other game, you characters name is independant from the account name.
  • The standard like any other game, you characters name is independant from the account name.
    This is the standard.
  • The best way to reserve a name is to NEVER POST IT ON THE FORUMS!!!!!!
  • I'm going to reserve Lord Marshal :wink:
  • One thing I found strange with names are you have to have an unique character name no one else can use that name. But having a hidden family name/account name it will enable to have lots of names which are the same. In the event you want to really be unique place 4 digits behind the family name.
    So an example would be "John Smith" = character name "SmithFamily.1234" Family name. In this example you could have 10,000 John Smith's on a server.

    Now that would be funny.
  • I did like TOR's legacy system. It could have been done better but having account-wide rewards, goals, and unlocks was very cool. Even using that name as a surname was cool.
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