Can't wait can't wait can't wait Hello AoC community!!!

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Hi everyone!

I am GB and I have been reading these forums for months trying to discover every bit of information and I made up my mind that this game needs the support of the gaming community because there are great themes and it will be awsome

I come from these mmorpgs
Line][Age 2004-2008 Gladiator
Tera Online 2013-2014 Warrior
FFXIV 2014 Dragoon
ESO 2015-2018 Stamina DragonKnight DW
Black Desert 2017 Warrior

I love mmorpg adventures and progression with friends in an open world in which players have to craft gear git gud and fight off other players.
I love guilds sieges and wars and also open world raiding and pvp around it.

I know AoC will be all that and more (Nodes, politics, environment events, unique playstyles, no teleports, no instances)

I cannot wait to start testing the game to help polish it, talk about what we see in the alphas and provide feedback.
I'd love to be part of these forums and start conversations that can produce something that might be used for the success of AoC.

Lastly when I was told that the team behind AoC is familiar with Line][Age I knew that they know what mmorpgs players have been waiting for YEARS and they are the team to deliver that.

Can't wait...


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