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Need to increse DEVs team? please check #TelltaleJobs.

Hi, dunno if this kind of thread will be welcome.. maybe its me.. i'm shoked at moment. Telltale games shuting down, had fun with some of theyr games. 200+ people lost theyr jobs today.
Apologies if i'm doing something wrong, just delete this eventually.


  • No, you are not doing anything wrong. They have hired developers from other studios that have experienced collapse or downturns. Daybreak comes to mind. If a person at Telltale is the best at what they do, and they need that position filled, you can bet that Steven would look to recruit them. Just like any company, those with talent and skills are preferred, those that were mediocre will be looking for positions longer. And you can be sure that in the transitory world of game development, people gain reputations floating from project to project. Know your stuff, other people will recommend you. You were a marginal fuck-up on the previous project, people will remember.
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