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Now lets say there were no arenas just battle grounds that were just for fun not rated with no rankings. So ther would have to be some game balance like keeping every ones dps within 10 percent plus some major aibilities nerfed so a certain class does not go around one shotting people.  But not really looking at things like self heals or amount of crowd control or mobility or dps vs self heals ratio.

That would in fact just let devs do wahtever they wanted with a class. For example if there was a necromancer class then they could drain life, have a chill touch summon undead from a table that includes death nights and dracoliches.  Could also have an aura of fear that either cause toons to panic in fear or become  disoriented.  Could have a chance to to drain life from melee attacks against them.  And if they are any dead players around could try to raise from the dead to undead and fight for him kind of like a zombie. 

Well as soon as you throw pvp game balance in it is pretty obvios some of these abilities just go out the window cause they are to op in pvp. So PvP game balance is actually a constraint.

So it would just better to have 2 completely diferent rules for pvp and pve.  For example I could take all of your animations classes abilities and plug it into a system like League fo Legends just basically cloning it and it would be a hit.  Just classes would not  be that dynamic per say.  

So as far as arenas are concerned you should look at it as a game within a game.  Like making a MOBA out of the classses that you have. And making a Battegrounds game out of the classes that you have vs having classes and just putting them in areans and putting them in battlegrounds and calling that  pvp.  

Just look at games like Fortnite and league of leagends, I mean there is a huge pvp cummunity out there but if for some reason you do not get this  game balance thing workec out well pvp in Ashes of Creation will not be to popular cause other companies are just doing it better.  The problem is MMORPGs  are basically PVE games...if you take a look at were it all started pencil and paper games it is pretty obvious they were not intended for pvp.

Heard Fortnite numbers were at 145 million people so....

One thing I would like to mention is that the 5vs5 bracket for arenas is a ton of fun. Seems like the more people are involved the more fun it is. To me it is a lot more fun than 2v2 and and 1v1.
3v3 is fun just not as fun 5v5.  Just look at league of legends.


  • So, what you're saying is that you're concerned that PvP balancing constraints could interfere with interesting options for classes that a purely PvE game wouldn't have? But that also you very much enjoy PvP especially 5v5 arenas? So you're saying to solve this by making two different games? Or 2 different games inside this game? o... Uh, can you explain your suggestion again? I'm not sure I'm following along very well.
  • I feel like we're comparing apples to pears to oranges here. I think pvp is vastly different in BRs and MOBAs, and then different again in MMORPGs. You probably have more experience with the former two and would like to see something similar. I imagine you're basing this on the current alpha tests and assuming a mode like this will make it into release. I can see that happening, but actually I hope that mode will not make it into the game.

    There's a lot of open world pvp in Ashes, so I don't really see the need to throw in an instanced battle arena and on top of that change the classes the way you described to make it work.

    Seems like the more people are involved the more fun it is.
    Well, I have good news for you! What do you think ov 100v100 castle sieges? :)

    I hope I understood what you were saying correctly.
    If not, feel free to correct me :)
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