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The Ashes Post - Community Content Platform

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Greetings Ashes of Creation community!


We’d like to present our community project titled 'The Ashes Post'. This is a site created by members of the AoC community to function as a platform for content creators that strive to provide the best content for Ashes of Creation. We hope to build on this project for the community to help share and discover all things Ashes of Creation. So if you are a content creator or know someone who would like to contribute to this platform, please reach out to us. 

While The Ashes Post is focused on being a community platform, we intend to begin publishing a monthly magazine with contributions from the entire community- consisting of Articles, QnA columns, Interviews, Artwork, Screenshots, Guides,  Resources and more.

We'd love to hear what you think or hear any feedback/suggestions that you may have!

You can find the site here:


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    Our Stream platform is live!


    Keeping in line with our goal of creating a platform for content creators, we have finished setting up a stream platform on The Ashes Post! Here you’ll find all the ashes of creation streamers in a single page, with a clean interface and smooth embeds.

    If you’re a streamer and would like to be added to the platform, simply drop us a PM on Discord with your stream link or submit your details via:

  • Reserved for updates.
  • <3Nice jop guys !!!
  • The Ashes Post is proud to present our in-depth battle royale guide and tier list created for the ashes of creation community! The tier list spreadsheet includes detailed data on the weapon/armor types present in this game mode, while the battle royale guide will provide a fair amount of knowledge to players new to the genre.

    We're incredibly excited to share our work with the community and as always look forward to hearing your feedback!

  • We're ready for a spooky October and the site is in full Halloween theme!

    Our Battle Royale guide has been updated with an in-depth tier list, featuring damage values, data and more!

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    We're proud to present:

    An FAQ for the newer community members that are brimming with testing related questions.
    Troubleshooting methods for the brave testers that are experiencing technical difficulties.
    And a massive bugs/issues spreadsheet with solutions/work arounds to common issues.

    All wrapped into a single article:

    Special thanks to @Ziii and the Moderators for compiling the bugs!

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