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Our new unofficial site for Ashescreationians!

Hello Ashescreationians!

We created this unofficial site in an effort to add as much information as possible about Ashes of Creation

If someone have some suggestions for both improvements of current site or missing content. Please, let us know. 

Our current pending points to complete:
1.- Add content with all the historical store content. We will be adding soon all the previous packages that were for sale and will never return as well as keep adding monthly the new ones. The idea is to know which races were already on sell, etc.
2.- Create by sub-race page. We know, it is that we are trying to gather more "confirmed" information.
3.- EMPYREAN and NIKÜA images on the race section:
We added the "*AOC image currently unavailable" since we were not able to find any images for those 2 sub-races. We took the monthly packages images for the other sub-races. 

Best regards,



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