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Cooking - Please translate ingredients into real life ones.

One of my favorite things recently was finding out the World of Warcraft cook book, and I thought it was a shame that there was no true 1:1 for ingredients. You couldn't truly understand what the food in their world could be in ours. I think the cookbook was a nice rough fix to get close to what they could do, but I want an even greater fidelity.

So I suggest, that for food like ingredients you map them to a real world ingredient that you could make your favorite in game recipe...perhaps holding contests for recipe contests that use the ingredients the best.


  • While that's a cool idea for post-launch, that would be 40 mins of bad road in the wrong direction to try to do prior to launch.  
  • I think in the planning phase is the easiest spot to do it, but you're not wrong that its more work. I think as long as they don't try to pre plan recipes its as simple as saying something in the text of the item which they have to generate already.
  • Idea is good but if you think about all the magical stuff it's kind of impossible to REALLY replicate everything though I think things like this are best left for a few years after launch.
  • I am sure the framework is in place to allow this......should it be required.
    The problem is, I am sure Verra has ingredients not found on Terra.
    So....problematic making such things on Terra ;)
  • It would be cool to make a cooking show like Rosanna Pansino's but it's probably too much work to hire a chef to make real recipes for the game. It would be great tho. 
  • Haha... a few select recipes. Not all!
  • I'm not talking about them actually making good real world recipes. I'm talking about us, using the real world translations of these fictional items to make good recipes. We do the work of figuring out what would actually be tasty, they just give us the tools we need to work in the fictional space.
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