TED talk FOYI: contemplation for Guilds, mayors, rpers, Intrepid team?

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I don't know if you'll find this as interesting as I, but th....:


This got me thinking, especially having just listened to a BBC program about Henry viii as a scholar, and putting the two together recognising the peoples absolute need to believe in stability and continuance during historical turbulance.

It seems that the power of the people and the need to keep them happy played a much greater part in maintaining or gaining power was more widely recognised as an 'oh, of course, derp' than fantasy television would have us believe.

"We don't care about political or environmental or religious upheaval, as long as we can believe in the cause, don't have it all at the same time and we are still guaranteed a certain level of stability and happiness in our lives."

So certain institutions, freedoms, traditions or rights must be maintained, and keep going as a bedrock of society even if everything else goes to heck in a handbasket.

The upside for RP?

I know most know this, but sometimes it helps to see old ideas afresh.

Other than showing ways that wannabee mayors can convince the community to vote for them, it opens up the way to ideas around guild forming and storylines and basically should help give ideas as to where to get conflicts going amongst guilds or for personal back stories.

It's not all Mary Jane.. killing every noble in sight because your mother was ravaged by a nobleman.
Instead it might be.. .. killing every noble in sight because a nobleman neglected the bandits and trade became too risky, so you are attempting to take governance into your own hands.

I really hope that intrepid makes it possible to be 'official' representatives of certain institutions via quest lines / reputation etc.

Sorry, ramble over, Megs out.


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    I have been listening to Philosophize This podcast.
    He talks a lot about the social construct at points later in the series. The contract between the people and the government. Well will trade tax money and some freedoms for protection from violence and chaos. If the government fails or gets to heavy handed revolution happens.
    Be interesting to see how it plays out in Ashes.
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    Not a bad post actually.
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    your link is broken. I think this may be the video, or some version of it anyway:
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