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[NA] Defiance | PVP PVE PVX | Rule the World

bdoellebdoelle Member, Founder, Kickstarter
Looking to create and lead a Guild called Defiance. We will be focused on anything and everything. The goal of this guild is to create a network of players in the game to play with and delve into all aspects of the game. We will be the best at the entire game! Not just one thing! We will Defy the normal Guild set-up.

The plan is to have multiple leaders within the guild run their prospective interests. Examples; If you are a master craftsman and are online consistently, you will lead the crafters of the guild. If you highly enjoy PvP and show prowess in dropping enemies and recruiting strong allies, you will lead the PvP group.

The idea is to create a Guild that when a member logs on, can have the option to do whatever they want with guild mates and always have someone to play with and ask for help. We are all new to the game, so it wouldn't hurt having a support network to accelerate the learning curve.

If this kind of guild interests you, please leave your info below and join the Discord! Thank you!


P.s. If you have any questions or additions you would like to make to my guild idea, please share them with me here on the forum.
Doellemite, Master of Beasts, Leader of Defiance


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