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The Acolytes were founded in 2005 with the basic principle of creating a strong, social gaming community. Since then we've offered many outlets for our members to enjoy their time together as a community. We could be grouping together doing a dungeon, pvp'ing, raiding or playing a drinking game in Discord. We offer a chance to join a Guild that won’t troll it's members or self destruct over night. We are going on our 14th year as a community.

A documented community past is nice and all, but we want to maintain the mentality of what have we done lately for our community members. We want to build a strong, thriving, long term Acolytes presence in Ashes of Creation. No one wants to join a guild that is dead 4 months into the game. We feel our history shows that we maintain long track records in the MMO's we join. There is very little details on the actual game play thus far for Ashes of Creation. We do know we can offer the following as we do in each MMO we enter and this list will continue to grow as more details about the game emerge and what becomes available.

  • Active Discord to chat, theory craft about Ashes of Creation
  • A Gaming Community to play other games if you wish while we wait for the launch of Ashes of Creation
  • Brand New Website and Forums
  • Scheduled guild activity nights
  • An environment where we get things done and have a fun time doing it
  • Experienced players to help all levels of gamers
We are looking for people who love Ashes of Creation and are looking to take in everything the game has to offer while having a great time along the way. Many great memories will be made. Details are pretty slim with the game, so these may update as time goes on and may seem a bit generic.

  • Level-headedness
  • Team players who value their peers and guild
  • Active community participation
  • Sense of self-worth and pride without arrogance
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Harassment of other players/members is not tolerated
  • We expect behavior befitting adults. Drama will be quickly dealt with and should not disrupt guild activities.
  • Liking pie is optional


  • naboo448naboo448 Member, Pioneer
    I've been with the Acolytes for awhile now, waiting for some new Western MMOs to finally grace us with glory!
    Can't wait to dive in to a solid quality game and grow the guild from the bottom up when Live hits :)
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