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  • SleepySleepy Member
    Can you give us more information about end game PVE Raids (not the open world bosses kind) and what is in the works? Information is scant and would like to know more about it.
  • ziltchziltch Member
    Has the housing & citizen system changed?

    Before it was mentioned that you had to own property to become a citizen.
    However in the latest videos it shows that you have to be a citizen to buy property.
    The simplest yet hardest stat to train is Willpower.
  • IzzetinIzzetin Member
    edited June 2020
    If most of the Dungeons are ''Open World'' what happens if many groups are at the same spot/Boss thats made for 8 people (1 Group) ?
    will they kill the Boss all together easily and share the Loot? or will they fight over the Boss tag?
    im very curious <3
  • Is group PvE going to become more challenging? Currently it looks like a tank w/ shield is nearly invulnerable, and the rest of the group just pulls mobs to them then AE's down with little risk, challenge, or fun. Will CC and coordination be needed for a successful dungeon run?
  • what kind of gameplay benefit does houses in nodes offer besides citizenship.
    will bigger houses result in more available storage space because we can fit more chests in there?
    Will houses in nodes offer a garden that you can custimize like freeholds or will we need a freehold todo our artisan profession properly?
  • TheBabaDukeTheBabaDuke Member, Settler, Kickstarter
    Will there be LGBTQ+ characters involved in the stories of AOC?
  • SwarthSwarth Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    We already know PI area will be cross server (or at least thats the idea), what about cross region? Will PI zone have both EU and NA players?
    As an EU player i'm worried it's going to be boring in there if it isn't cross region, GMs will have no obligation to ever be there and the amount of EU guys having the Royalty pack or above is really limited
  • TeylouneTeyloune Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited June 2020
    "Humanoid Tulnar with animal ears and tails?" (~= Meaning: Foxgirls? - A good and well known example of that category would be something like the Miqo'te from Final Fantasy 14.)

    Hey Toast, I would very much appreciate it, if you please include the text in the brackets for context reasons. Thank you. <3
  • LafiLafi Member, Founder, Kickstarter
    I've spent the last month or so talking and theorycrafting classes and playstyles etc. With friends and have a question:
    Is there going to be a DOT focused class that makes use of kiting and applying these DOTs rather than forceful damage like a sword swing etc.
    Also extra Q, when will we get more info on classes, skills etc? I NEED IT! DATA! INFO!

    Thanks :)
  • Svalinn SuneaterSvalinn Suneater Member, Intrepid Pack
    Will there be an alternative resource for each (primary) class? Rather than just the blanket Mana Resource for everyone. AKA, Something like Rage for instance (not that I'm saying just go ahead and use something already done, of course.)
  • iHoaxiHoax Member
    Is it possible to add a tab on the homepage in the future to send in suggestions for improvement?

    Example for players who have nice ideas or problems with the gameplay and do not want to post a thread in the forum. It would be very "player friendly" to have such a tab for suggestion improvements.
  • What type of stats and or criteria is going to be used for competative PvE Dungeouns and Raids and PvP to figure out standings. And are things like best time for dungeouns and number of kills in PvP going to be actively kept track off. For example things like average number of kills per last 15 games personal bests ans so on. Similar things could be don for PvE
  • how cohesive the story is? is there an overarching narrative or it is totally dependent on the node that is leveled up?
  • eragaleeragale Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited June 2020
    Currently, how do you envision the pace of combat?
    • Such as , fast-paced or slow-paced? ( i.e. on a scale of 1-10 .. 10 being the highest )
    • Ratio of action combat to tab-targeting combat? ( via 3:2, 7:8, 8:10, 3:1, etc ... )
    • anything else? ( the question above is the main question )

    Basically, an overall vision of what we can expect on a technical stand-point
  • Thanks again all for joining in with your questions - the submission period has now ended!

    We'll see you at 11AM PDT tomorrow for our live stream!
  • AsagAsag Member
    One simple question.

    How many players could be actively fighting in one zone at the same time?

    Becouse in game like Lineage 2 with run on Unreal Engine 2.5 from 2003 you can perfectly have around 1000-1500 players fighting in same time without server lags or any issues (ofcourse if your PC that you are playing on can handle it, but thats different point)
  • Hiya folks - thanks so much again for taking the time to add your questions to this thread for our upcoming live stream! Now that I've had a chance to go through them all, wanted to provide some quick updates here for topics we may have covered previously:

    @Hjerim - You can see more about where we've discussed world map exploration and discovery here:

    @jakuta , @DougBug27 , @Lyon , @derra , @naowhut , and @mayceus - Stay tuned for more details and videos on archetypes, classes, and their abilities as we head into future testing around them!

    @Wandering Mist - It looks like @xilodon got you covered with the latest answer above!

    @Ishka - Not sure I understand your question completely, but during recent videos you saw NPCs (and possibly some PCs) interrupt Steven's abilities with their stuns/knockdowns!

    @wastedzebra - You can read more about where we've discussed our philosophy on different ways to level here:

    @helix and @consultant - You can see more about where we've discussed leaderboards and ladders so far here:

    @soul123 - As nodes will continue to rise and fall, the traditional "end game" doesn't exist in that regard; content will continue to change as well based on player agency!

    @Rageskylar - We've shown some ships off recently during our streams, and will continue to share more progress during upcoming dev updates as well!

    @BCG l LordofSalt - We'll be sure to share and tag you all when we have updated news on the front!

    @xHISAOx - You can read more about where we've shared our thoughts around our character creator here:

    @Magic Man - You may have already seen a few examples of these during previous Apocalypse tests as well (ex. stairs/ladders and different elements of vertical structures within castles), so keep an eye out for more as we continue testing!

    @eduhmell0 - You can read more about where we've discussed our current plans for our subscription model, including monthly fee, here:

    @sunfrog - You can see what we've discussed so far about what character stats and attributes will be available here:

    @Argentum401 - While there are certainly some interesting applications, our team doesn't appear to have any plans to utilize it in Ashes at this time; we're striving to have each world evolve differently based on player agency, and thus have each player experience in each world be unique as a result!

    @BobzUrUncle - Not sure if you saw my note to you last month, but we release our Creative Director's Letters on a quarterly basis! As we're continuing to work remotely at the moment due to guidelines around COVID, we've been focusing around sharing updates during our live streams and through gameplay videos, vs. the in-person studio interviews you may have seen previously!

    @Caesar and @Chezshire - Stay tuned for more details on the economy and stock market systems as we get closer to having you help us test them during upcoming phases!

    @Void - Yup, we're still planning to get those out to you in the lead-up to you joining us for testing those systems!

    @toshito - It won't always be entirely up to the players to make those changes; some world events may happen that could impact nodes as well, and if players aren't able to defend them, it could mean your metropolis is no more!

    @theonegargoyle - You can see more on our philosophy around roles and how your primary and secondary archetypes might come into play here:

    @Flares117 , @DNFrozen , @Selo , and @Lafi - As mentioned in the original post, please make sure to only submit ONE question moving forward so we can answer a variety of them from around our community!

    @Austinpower - Sounds like we might need a few more details specifically on that situation to be able to share examples of how it might relate to Ashes of Creation or not :smiley:

    @DuskullBR - You can keep an eye out for updates on the regions we're planning to support here:

    @Imme - You may have seen some of the more "starter" style armors before while testing in Apocalypse, as well as visible on other players in our recent gameplay videos (even though us devs were in more fancy stuff!)

    @merle - Looks like @unknownsystemerror got you the latest answers above!

    @Incarnatus - You can read more about where we've discussed our player corruption system here:

    @Linlin - Player agency and choice is a big element of Ashes of Creation generally, and you'll see that reflected in the quest system as well!

    @ashone - We'll be sure to post an update regarding Xsolla for you all as soon as we have one!

    @mytherios - You can see more about where we've discussed servers and instancing here:

    @Sleepy - Some of that will have to remain hidden until you discover it; we wouldn't want to ruin all your fun! :wink:

    @Izzetin - You can read more about where we've discussed loot tagging so far here:

    @Jignutz - If you're referring to our latest 4K video, we cheated a bit with our dev powers so we were a bit OP in comparison! Difficulty will be something we continue to iterate on throughout further testing with you all.

    @TheBabaDuke - Our marriage mechanic allows for same-sex marriage:

    @Teyloune - We've shared how you'll be able to adjust the levels of reptilian/mammalian/humanoid/other attributes of Tulnar during character create, so stay tuned for helping us test those elements in the future!

    @iHoax - We'll be exploring ways to incorporate bug reporting and feedback more directly and anonymously (such as in-game or through other means) as we head into our future test phases!

    @kashikyori - You can see more on where we've discussed our philosophy around narrative quests here:

    @eragale - You can read more on where we've discussed combat ratios and pace here:
  • MargaretKrohnMargaretKrohn Moderator, Staff
    In case you missed it, our monthly development update live stream video is now up on our YouTube channel!

    Click the link to watch our journey as we shape Ashes of Creation, including early pre-alpha footage of purchasing a house!

    (I'll also update the OP)
  • theonegargoyletheonegargoyle Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited July 2020
    Hiya folks - thanks so much again for taking the time to add your questions to this thread for our upcoming live stream! Now that I've had a chance to go through them all, wanted to provide some quick updates here for topics we may have covered previously:

    @theonegargoyle - You can see more on our philosophy around roles and how your primary and secondary archetypes might come into play here:

    Hey @LieutenantToast , thanks so much for responding, it's great community service :-)

    I had poured over the wiki and everything else I could find previously, but just in case it'd been updated since then with additional information I went back and re-read it again.

    It might be that it's just plain simple too early to tell yet, or that the answer is out there somewhere but I've just missed it, but I really don't know and would love any more detail able to be provided at this stage to this question:

    Q: If a character has Tank or Cleric as secondary (but not primary), to what extent will they be able to tank / heal ?
    a) Not at all
    b) A little bit, for easy small-group content, as long as they gear & build for it
    c) They'll be reasonably viable but not optimal (ie not as capable & strong as primary classes)
    d) Almost as good as a character with primary but not secondary (ie Cleric/X or Tank/X), only really outclassed by the double archetypes (Cleric/Cleric & Tank/Tank)
    e) Uber tanking & healing gods, easily able to handle any content in the game, primary archetypes will be for aesthetics only :-)

    What I dread ? a)
    What I can live with ? b)
    My hope for the answer ? c)
    Probably too much ? d)
    Throw in for a gag ? e)

    Please if you have any inkling at all where the eventual answer might land, I'd love it if you could let us know.

    Alternatively, if you need to tell me to take a chill pill, stop pressuring the poor overworked design team, and just be at one with my anticipation, that's ok too :-)
  • WasdayWasday Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    What would make me want to travel outside of my own node? Seems like I'd want to stick to just one node to level it up.
  • unknownsystemerrorunknownsystemerror Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Wasday wrote: »
    What would make me want to travel outside of my own node? Seems like I'd want to stick to just one node to level it up.

    Resource availability is not static. Not every node will have every resource. Also certain node types will offer services not found in other node types. Trade will have more value the farther it is taken from an easy to obtain source to one where it is scarce. The overarching narrative is said to include travel to distant poi all over the map. This is planned to be updated quarterly, so it isn't like others where you have to wait a year between "main story" expansions. There are others that I am sure to have forgotten, but you can see the trend.
  • AardvarkAardvark Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    If Node A being developed blocks node C next to it from getting high level and each raid is node dependant are we going to get into a sitation where melee wants Node A high and ranged want node C high due to drops in the raid where if one class has a higher population count on that server you may never be able to get the best in slot drops for your class due to your class being outnumbered on the server and unable to take out the colflicting node next to the one you need to raise?
  • DiamahtDiamaht Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    Anub wrote: »
    Hello everyone,

    this might be a question targeted to class design team, but anyones ideas and opinion are welcome of course! :)

    Anyone who in Lineage 2 played any of the summoner classes (I myself was a PS guy:) ) will remember the painful realization that eventually they will never be on par with other classes, because they summons didn't scale of gear, but of skill level only, compared to other dps classes which had dmg scaling of both gear and skill level.

    I wonder how devs plan to address this problem in ashes, to ensure summoners are still competitive in endgame content when other players start to run around with best is slot gear.

    This was posted by Anub in the General Chat. Seemed like a really good question so I copied it here.
  • What mechanisms are in place to discourage one powerful guild from taking over the entire server? Without such a mechanism, I'd imagine that one guild would have members as mayor's of multiple metropolises and cities, effectively controlling all of the rarest resources in a server. This would obviously be concerning for all of those who aren't in that guild, and players who want to fight back would be at a disadvantage due to the resource deficit.
  • when will we learn about divine and military nodes?
  • gunmandude2gunmandude2 Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I was looking at the art of the various settlement types according to races, and some of them look much easier to besiege than others. For example, the Dunir look to have more fortified locations than the Nikua by a large margin. Is this difference in architectural style going to affect the actual defensive capabilities of the settlements themselves?
  • XraelXrael Member
    edited July 2020
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