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[OCE] (PMX) Phazmatix {PvX}

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eSports Focus: Rocket League.

MMORPG Focus: PvX - Raiding, Dungeons, PvP, PvE, Trading, Crafting and any/all facets of a game.

Primary Timezone: OCE (Oceania)

OUR MISSION here at Phazmatix is to continue to grow and build our established community to create an environment where all of our members can thrive and excel.
Throughout teamwork and dedication, we focus on fostering friendships, diverse competitive game-play, and self-improvement.
We strive to not only succeed, but to overwhelmingly crush every objective we choose to pursue.

OUR VISION is to build a solid home for our members where they can improve on their talent and skill to truly find a place where we achieve not only our personal goals but help each other grow as skilled warriors.
If you share our like-minded values and dedication, we would love for you stick around and help contribute to our community to the best of your abilities.

We're recruiting players and staff

If you would like to join our community for AoC and or become a staff member for AoC please head over to our discord.

I hope to see you there with us!

Owner and Founder


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