Healing for Pets\Summons

Healing wish List – PETS\Summons
As a main healer in several MMO’s ***one thing really bugs me over and over***
Why can’t I see the friendly Pets\Summons so I can target them for Heals? They are part of a player so I should be able to see them for heals on my screen.
Their pets\summons will be in the pile of players and effects pounding a Boss or other. There is no way to see or quickly target them for heals.

Players invest skill points into these skills so they are very important to the owners to maintain (Heals, buffs, debuffs, …..).
Pets\Summons are as much apart of the player as other skills are to any other class.

Melthorn thanks you


  • BricktopBricktop Member
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    Pretty sure Summoner+Cleric will give your pets heals and Summoner+Bard will give them buffs.
  • If I am understanding you correctly. You are asking why do games not let you heal pets?

    "Summoners can summon Tank, DPS or Support summons."

    My thought is that you can't be a tank if you can't be healed.
  • Er, um dunno what games you've been playing but the RPGS I've played pet classes can usually heal their pet, or have separate name plates so friendly healers can see their HP.

    Weather or not the pets worth healing instead of a player is another matter best reserved for a raid strategy forum after raids are available for play testing.
  • MerekMerek Member
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    I'd like to see depth added to pets/summons/mounts, but with the way they work currently, it isn't there. I dislike ass-pulling mounts in games specifically. In the games that do it, you get used to it, so you don't care. (Mostly themepark MMO's.) But I'd like the animal to feel more like a real entity and not a glorified traversal ability. This applies to pets and summons too, they should be more than a gimmick.
  • I think, that Summoners should have two kinds of pets:
    1. ONE main pet that remains at your side and which you can heal on a cooldown
    2. a few other pets that get summoned during battle and that you cant heal
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