Chapter Nine: Village Ventures


As we enter the bustling scientific village, we take in all the sights, sounds, and smells of a rapidly-expanding town. Someone here must surely know more about our glorious glowing gem!

Where do we go first for information?

🍻 Tavern, to ask the locals for tips
🏛 City Hall, to petition for the mayor’s help

Chapter Nine: Village Ventures 130 votes

🍻 Tavern, to ask the locals for tips
88% 115 votes
🏛 City Hall, to petition for the mayor’s help
11% 15 votes


  • Tavern, street knowledge for the win. Don't trust the politicians.
  • Everything good that happens, happens in bars.
  • T ElfT Elf Member, Braver of Worlds
    Not happy with the choices as I would ask directions to the scholars academy; but I guess the Tavern is a good place to get directions and pick up some information on the locals.
    Also why would I bother the Mayor for directions?
    Formerly T-Elf

  • Tavern is my gut instinct. But if the local government was known to be trustworthy I'd likely go to them first. Either option could lead to a knife in the back if you arent careful generally. But word travels quickly through a tavern and theives do love their shiny gemstones.
  • The governmental agencies are all usually corrupt or inept not to mention taking weeks to do something that should only have taken an hour to do.

    I chose the Tavern of course but would be more interested in inquiring about a local shop that might dabble in magic items rather that announce to all the town rabble you have a bauble to steal.
  • basvisionbasvision Member, Pioneer
    People get friendly when they drink alcohol. Friendly people talk a lot. There are many friendly people in a Tavern
  • AmarAmar Member
    Tavern, for directions to the town academy, i agree with T Elf... Besides i'm thirsty...
  • Tavern for a beer. The quest can wait. Or not, in which case fate has already decided, so we may as well get another beer in. Thirshty work thish drinking. Besht have another one jusht to balansh things out....
  • I feel we have earned a break... oh yes... gem...
  • bloodprophetbloodprophet Member, Braver of Worlds
    No great story ever started with "So i was eating a salad". Beer and directions or maybe more beer then probably more. Why were we here again?
    Most people never listen. They are just waiting on you to quit making noise so they can.
  • Tavern vs City appears to be another way of asking a decentralized yet specific collection of perspectives vs a centralized, generalized perspective.

    Thinking about flavor - what's more trustworthy, the populace or the officials? Would players get hints on what is the case? Is it trust that drives choices - or expected informational accuracy? Also, is it even the properties / qualities of the sources and derivative information being sought or is it something else entirely? IE, what would people be selecting upon anyways?

    I think the way to think about this is actually if there will be a "right" and "wrong" choice, and what the consequences of ignoring the hints in whatever pretext you force in front of the player will be.
  • No need to seek help from bureaucratic sources, mundane knowledge will guide us to a gem specialist.
  • Does the mayor's office have a notice stating when does he/she usually login?

    Meh, let's check the tavern first.

    Btw somehow I misread "rapidly expanding town" as "rapidly exploding town" lol
  • We've been in a fight, and we've had a long walk. Time for a little drinkie! ;)
  • It's interesting to see the general dislike and distrust of city hall and government :smile:

    Where I live they are generally trustworthy and helpful. Maybe they are in Verra as well! Be that as it may, I dunno why I would take the gem there. The tavern seems the better choice to get a feeling for the town, before even mentioning the gem to anyone.
  • Btw somehow I misread "rapidly expanding town" as "rapidly exploding town" lol

    Knowing the way you all would roll into town, I don't think this is too far from the truth...
  • madecin1234madecin1234 Member
    edited February 12
    Taverns for sure. Ask for tips and drink a beer a the same time. Barman always know everything :D
  • bloodprophetbloodprophet Member, Braver of Worlds
    Beer and questions first then fire.
    Most people never listen. They are just waiting on you to quit making noise so they can.
  • everyone goes to the tavern in the end.
  • Tavern of course, bartenders hear everything and people love to talk lol
  • maouwmaouw Member
    edited February 14
    Someone in the tavern is going to try to steal the gem from us.

    But I'd rather that than getting involved in legal reasons why we have to give the gem to the city officials.
    I wish I were deep and tragic
  • It's a scientific village so even some of the bar patrons are going to be like the jeopardy people that just know random facts.
  • EmcEmc Member
    Loosen their lips and purses.
  • Tavern of course! Everyone knows every great adventure starts with a pint!
    “There’s absolutely no limit to what plain ordinary working people can accomplish, if they are given the opportunity, encouragement and incentive to do their best”.
    -Mr. Sam Walton
  • AOCCrafter wrote: »
    Tavern of course! Everyone knows every great adventure starts with a pint!

    Yes, alcohol will make us think clearer!
  • Fuppo HeadhunterFuppo Headhunter Moderator, Member
    Yas... Must go to tavern as well cause am thirsty.
  • First round is on me! Drink up!
  • Gentle SnowGentle Snow Member, Braver of Worlds
    No matter what you should ask the locals before asking any kind of authorities that might have something to lose by providing information.
  • I know of two games where the "gem" in question was not really was the hero thought it was .
    The little corn nugget should of been a clue ...
    Best to laugh this mistake off at the local watering hole , rather than have a snooty official roll thier eyes at yet another adventurer who found rock troll pooh.
  • Well, this one's pretty clear cut! I wonder how the Discord voting went.
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