What are alpha and beta 1,2 ?

Just joined the AoC hype-wagon. Could you please be more specific on what means different stages - Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Beta 1 and Beta 2?

Clearly different developers define different things with those names. Please note - I am looking not for time frames, but for level of completeness of different subsystems composing the game(world). In other words - what will be considered done at what stage, hence "testable".


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    The Alphas are going to be very very long. In Alpha 1 there will be barely any content, pretty much everything will be incomplete and/or buggy. I do not recommend getting Alpha 1 if you want a "fun" experience in terms of gameplay/content, especially because it will most likely be around $500. Alpha 2 will be where they begin adding and iterating on a lot of the content for the game as the Alpha 2 phase goes on.

    By Beta the game will be basically complete and will be very close to release, this is basically for last-minute testing, marketing, optimisation, etc.

    You can see some of what they want to add in those stages here.
    Alpha 1: https://ashesofcreation.wiki/Alpha-1
    Alpha 2:https://ashesofcreation.wiki/Alpha-2
    Beta 1/2: https://ashesofcreation.wiki/Beta-1
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    Hiya friend - looks like Talents shared some helpful links above for where we've talked about our plans for each of these test phases previously! In general, our Alpha One phase will be early fundamentals, focusing more on core systems - while Alpha Two is planned to be in a more persistent state until launch. As noted, those final few Beta phases are planned to be shorter windows, just prior to launch.

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please let us know if there's anything else we can help answer for you!
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