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Bazaar or Marketplace

To start this off I need to state this, While you may feel that "trader stalls never work." I can promise you if done right they give the community a very interactive means to communicate with the community.

I'll be discussing "trader stalls." their purpose, and in relation to information that I've heard and obtained through the community.

What is a "Trader stall", simply put it is a stall a player can set up that allows you to sell items to other players where you have direct control of your location, and goods.
<img src="" alt="Looks like this" />

Main complaints about the system that have traversed MMO to MMO
1. It botches the economy by allowing players to drive the pricing.
2. The insane amount of running around and clicking on shops to find that one item for a decent price.
3. It adds a lot of clutter to the screen.

With all of those reasoning why would you still wish for it to even moderately be an option?

To address this let me address the idea I have for this.

Every in-game day at a specific time (not real-time but in-game time to allow players a chance to.) or multiple times in a in-game day. The marketplace opens up, a series of able to be rented plots inside of a town or city, this would need to be developed by the city or town owners. (So with my assumption, towns and cities are different due to their sizes and capabilities.)

Players aren't able to freely set up shop as they will, to hold market you must meet certain requirements.
1. The player needs to do a questline within the town/city they wish to set up in. That allows them the ability to purchase a plot.
2. After doing the quest you now have a plot available, setting up your plot is simple. You collect basic materials nad bring it back to your plot area( wood, nails if they do a system where nails are a thing.) then you build it. After your construction is done you can register your items that you will be using.
3. Players need to set up their plots within a specific amount of time before the marketplace opens if they are not set up then their plot is forfeited.
4. Players must be active during the transaction/marketplace period of that day, all selling/buying will be done in a system of - state standard price - the customer can propose a price - vendor can accept or decline price. If a vendor goes AFK and lets a bid timeout then the stall will be closed. To prevent customers from wasting their time.

Note* Players can reoccurring use that same plot for each marketplace period, so long as they are there by the active set up time they will not need to repurchase their plot of land. If they are afk kicked then their plot will become available to purchase for the next session.

What is the purpose of this? Well besides allowing players to actively dive into a marketplace system that would match this game environment (I mean magically putting an item up on an auction house and then having it magically appear in an individual's inventory that's standing far- far away from you, and then magically have coins fill your pocket just sound a bit.. well.. you understand. Game logic.) It would allow for resources to be sold in regions that they are not able to be registered at the marketplace for.

There needs to be a balanced drawback and set up a system for that, but my post here is simply to propose the idea of this. Not to work out everything that could be done, that would need to be balanced, for it to happen.

Now, giving some credit to DeathsProxy for his Caravan System video. Also, almost all of this is straight from Death's proxy himself in regards to state of the game and marketplace.
You learn about the tier system for the regional resources, ultimately this was a system created to force or well give incentives for the caravans to be used.
The trader stall system could be used alongside the caravan system quite easily.

Say you as a player go to a tier 6 region and receive resources in that region. You do not wish to process this resource though and instead, know of a system in which you could probably haggle a higher price in a region where the resource is not available.

Since you can't carry this resource all the way back to a tier 1 region town, there's a system conveniently added for this. So you go to register your items and then you travel with your caravan, heading back to the town where you will construct a trader stall, put up your resource for a price that's a bit wtf, but since fast travel is not an option and players may be, due to multiple reasons, unable to go receive or dip their hand into this material from their hometown they will go "oo this is a resource I could use to craft in that region up there."

For those of you that read this while being unaware, I've been told that global marketplace will not be a feature. Marketplaces will be regional, and you can only register resources from that region on that marketplace. (From deathsproxy)

So if you wish to stay in your town in a tier 2 region, you would be unable to craft since there would not be a system for purchasing materials that you need from a higher tier region, without leaving your town. (If this is incorrect and there will, in fact, be a way to access a marketplace system to purchase materials from higher tier regions, then please correct me.) You will only be able to do so by either having someone trade you their resources, or with this suggestion, a stall system in which you can view "goods and rares" from far away.

Think of this as a bazaar system, where people from all over come to set up shop and showcase their goods to those.
It could also benefit a community, say Maddie from the small farm at the end of town produces some high-quality wheat, she herself does not wish to process it and instead wants to come to the bazaar/marketplace, set up a stall, and sell her high-quality wheat.

The baker (I'm figuratively using this as an example) who lives in the instanced apartments and does not have access to land, loves her high-quality wheat. Due to him and Maddie having a decent relationship, they bloom a friendship and she allows him to purchase her wheat for a less-than-asking price.

Now there would need to be a "listings" system, a board or post you can go to in the marketplace/bazaar to see a detailed overview of the stalls set up, and what they will be selling. (This becomes available at the start, this is why you will need to start setting up at a time BEFORE the bazaar/marketplace opens. So this board can update with the wares you will sell.)


  • Seems like a really interesting idea! I'd love to have my own stall :)
  • Generally stalls in MMORPG's become outdated as a concept. People often dont like to invest time when looking for a specifc item they want, or even moving between several vendors.

    On one hand some players would find it relaxing to go shopping....

    On the other players would get angry if they spent 4-5 hours searching for 1 item through 100-200 vendors.

    I just dont think stalls provide a very convient experience for the modern MMORPG gamer.

    Most old MMORPG's had this kind of stuff, like Ragnorak online, Knight Online, mostly old Korean games,
    but the rise of the auction house gave much better convience and time saved.

    The regional/node marketplaces would be a comprimise between the two tbh. I support Stevens vision in this
  • i think the biggest problem with Stalls would be that they will create additional server latency, cuz having 100-200 shops being them online or offline..... ye u can imagine....

    On Proxy comment, having a stall doesnt mean u will have to manually go and search for all the items u want, a simple solution can be implemented like a Actioner NPC that would provide you with a list with all the traders on this territory, and then provide you with a guide path to that stall... :)

    It depends on the ppl i guess, what they actually prefer.

    Good idea tho. Thumps up !: )
  • I like to see the reversal of this
    a Workorder system at for example a Marketplace(physical building in the game)

    X player needs 1000 iron, players can fulfill that workorder by contributing what they have
    Demands dictates the supply

    They could also bring in that guild can put orders even the city owners
    New stable in the city? workersorder are being placed what is needed to build the stable

    Or for clan, Siege Machine, place workorder, public or private (guild only)

    EDIT: in my opinion this should be locatized, and can be woven into the caravan system,
    So if you place a workorder for iron in the town next to the mine the price will be cheaper but you need to transport the materials from that town to the place you need it to be

    But if you put a workorder in the city where you need it, its up to the players and not the buyers how its transported but that would increase the cost of the materials
  • I really dont like stalls. People abuse it too much like standing near npc so you cant click it, too many stalls in one small area because in that area most people will pass through town, selling only 1 type of item and name of stall is 1 000 for IRON, and some people doesnt even notice that ever iron in that store is 10 000 (what we did in voyage century online).
  • I dont see much difference between a stall and a shopfront.
    They are both limited users that players have to fight for.
    The only difference is, one is a general store and one is a specialist store.
    And as others said, I would rather know that I can get clothing form a clothier at the clothier icon on the map.
    Its just way more convenient knowing exactly where to go to get exactly what you want.

    The storefront/shops can not only supply goods but also request raw materials that they need.
    So my only suggestions would be that farmers for instance could not own a bakery as well.
    ie 1 role per player.
    If a player can take on two functional roles, it makes other players obsolete.
    Obsolete players do not build communities.

    Thus, baker requires people to buy food AND farmers to provide/sell wheat etc. to them.
    Those people that gather raw materials can of course transport bulk goods to other regions.
    But that would only be financially viable if their hometown has surplus goods and the remote area has a deficeit of goods.
    This deficeit condition can only occur IF raw materials are biome and region specific.

    In the end end. Everything that can be obtained locally is. Everything that cant gets on a caravan.
    For everyone to have access to everything....all regions will need to trade (import/export).
  • I love how many of you still wanted to mention "clutter" and "clicking through shops to look for an item."
    "Now there would need to be a “listings” system, a board or post you can go to in the marketplace/bazaar to see a detailed overview of the stalls set up, and what they will be selling. (This becomes available at the start, this is why you will need to start setting up at a time BEFORE the bazaar/marketplace opens. So this board can update with the wares you will sell.)"

    ^ Did you read this?

    Maddie is selling wheat, you just walk along the stalls until you see maddie selling wheat. There isn't a "200+" stalls either.

    For example, one city would have at most 12 stall plots.

    Please get the idea out of your mind where this is the exact same system that every mmo purposes.
  • #Suggestion update
    **I don't want to be unable to set up a stall because their all purchased and i'm too lazy to watch the listings for stalls.**
    : How about the bazaar or marketplace grows by people who actively do a quest, that has youc ollect wood, to gain a plot.
  • [quote quote=2986]i think the biggest problem with Stalls would be that they will create additional server latency, cuz having 100-200 shops being them online or offline….. ye u can imagine….

    On Proxy comment, having a stall doesnt mean u will have to manually go and search for all the items u want, a simple solution can be implemented like a Actioner NPC that would provide you with a list with all the traders on this territory, and then provide you with a guide path to that stall… <img alt="?" src="" />

    It depends on the ppl i guess, what they actually prefer.

    Good idea tho. Thumps up !: )


    On that node if u have a message board and then go directly to an NPC, the only difference between that and a standard regional market place would be walking. Why add the walking and the limited about of people that can sell stuff? Might as well just have the regional market place. Honestly it seems like alot of work for almost no gain. Not to mention if the servers are infact google cloud servers we could be talking 50k people on one server. Thats alot of shops. Also in the main post it suggests that people be denied that they can sell stuff, and would have to travel to another hub to sell stuff, but if all local hubs/nodes are full then your going to be constantly traveling around trying to find a place to sell, increase the change significantly of being robbed by bandits.

    Not to metion this entire thing is vastly time consuming. Market place based noses/regions make buying/selling quick and simple for all players allowing them to get back to parts of the game they enjoy most. This stall system caters to a minority, and it is a minority, and will affect a majority of players who just dont want this kind of system. Ultimately these types of systems have been used multiple times in older games with little to no success and are often removed for better alternatives.
  • On the one side I'd like to see stalls like this. It would make the world feel more alife because it forces interaction and a close community. Also i dislike the idea of a global marketplace because that would make caravans pretty obsolete, and I wont buy things from the marketplace if the would have to be transported by raidable caravans.

    On the other side i have 0 experience with other market stall mechanics in MMO's so i dont really know about the exploits, I did hate seeing world wide messages saying "SELLING XXX FOR ONLY XXX$ PM FOR SALE" (<- usually also in bright pink XD) really brakes immersion and isnt really a interaction.

    It would also give the oppertunity to have different specialitys in different nodes, and i think thats a apealing idea.
    Want the best pets, go to the south village. Want the largest amount of spicey foods, go to a western outpost.
    Though this would only work with reagional specific mobs and resourses.
  • I'm all in favor of player stalls... honestly, I'm hoping for full-blown player run shops, like the bakery or tavern we've seen in the screenshots.

    One concept that I see talked about but not used to my knowledge is... "Marketing".

    What if there was a method as a player to direct other players (or NPC AI) to your store or stall? Maybe hire a town crier... maybe post some flyers around town, etc. And what if you were able to provide a valuable service... either higher quality goods, better prices, or something... and then word of mouth became a thing between customers, and you get attention that way.

    Lots of ideas :)

    I'm a big fan of merchant and trader gameplay... I think we need to learn more about AoC's housing and building nodes to figure out how it plays into it all!
  • @aidem I agree with you for the work order system for city and guild, I think the demand is the real economy driver. A "city order place" can be put next to the market place or even United together, while the guild order place can be inside the guild itself.
    Player can go and put demand with a price I. E. 1000 iron for 5 gold, or 500 iron for 6 gold and deposit the gold for the trade. when the supplier choose to accept your order he deposit the iron at the merchant and take your gold that you deposited there and you will get a mail that you can go and withdraw your iron.

    @fairypinket idea is nice, as new concept maybe we can implement it later when the economy is more solid.

    What do you think about the classic auction house for rare items?
  • Marketplace is really cool quality-of-life thing. However I really miss the stalls from Silkroad... There should be one huge town where all the stalls are (Bazaar) and people who wants to buy/sell stuff can either put their stall down or shout in chat and sell/buy them via trading.

    Taking a look at BDO's marketplace. I camped that place for entire day, bid on 100 Pearl Items and couldn't get a single one because it's RNG... Meh.
  • How about.....TRADING LIMITS ?

    Players can only buy 1 item at a time.
    Stall (via NPC staff train) can only buy 5 of any item at a time.
    Shops (via NPC carts) can only buy 25 of any item at a time.
    Warehouse (via NPC caravan) can only buy 125 of any item at a time.

    So what we have done is use bulk buying ability to bias/ration sales.
    It doesnt stop players trading directly with each other.
    It doesnt stop people using stalls.
    It doesnt stop people using shops.

    City chain..
    wood/ore/cloth/gems/specials > (crafter) > stall > shop > Warehouse > Warehouse > shop > stall > tools/furniture/weapons
    wood/ore/cloth/gems/specials > (crafter) > stall > shop > shop > stall > tools/furniture/weapons
    wood/ore/cloth/gems/specials > (crafter) > stall > stall > tools/furniture/weapons
    wood/ore/cloth/gems/specials > (crafter) > tools/furniture/weapons/relics/artefacts

    Town chain..
    wood/ore/cloth/gems/specials > crafter > stall > shop > shop > stall > tools/furniture/weapons
    wood/ore/cloth/gems/specials > crafter > stall > stall > tools/furniture/weapons
    wood/ore/cloth/gems/specials > crafter > tools/furniture/weapons/relics/artefacts

    Village chain..
    wood/ore/cloth/gems/specials > crafter > stall > stall > tools/furniture/weapons
    wood/ore/cloth/gems/specials > crafter > tools/furniture/weapons/relics/artefacts

    Community chain..
    wood/ore/cloth/gems/specials > crafter > tools/furniture/weapons/relics/artefacts
  • First time I ever listen about trading limit, I don't know how it work, anyone have any experience with it?
  • I guess there probably wont be a world wide bazaar.
    Seeing how important the caravans seem to be, and the transportation of "stuff", it seems a bit out of tune.
    For rare items you would probably want a highly defendable caravan to sell at a large town, this would also increase trade routes and make playing as a highway men much more fun. Certainly because with a bit of luck you could set up schemes by being part of the caravan :p
    It would also make nodes a bit more dynamic, because you might want to travel a bit further to go to the big city to sell a epic relic.
    Perhaps we could have a notice board/ ebay like page where you could advertise, but still go and get the item or have it delivered.
    Only Insurance scams might be a bit of a problem them, escpecially if you figure out where your buyer is going....
    Just pk him and get money and items back :p
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