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Ultrawide Support (21:9, etc.)

Good Evening All,

I have done some searching and it seems no one has asked this question yet (please forgive me if it truly has already been asked).

I own an 3440x1440 monitor and unfortunately many developers have not supported this ratio (21:9) either at all or as a badly implemented after-thought. My question - Could the AoC team PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE implement full Ultrawide Monitor support and everything that entails (User Interface, etc.) ?

So many Ultrawide users in the community just feel like we are an afterthought with so many games being developed to the typical 1920x1080 / 16:9 and all others depending on a code-savvy member of the community to "FIX" this oversight for the rest of the community. I would be on my hands and knees grateful to you all if you provided full NATIVE support for other monitor ratios besides the standard 16:9 ratio. Thank you so much for your time :smile:

Very Respectfully,
~ S I L E N C E R

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  • LieutenantToastLieutenantToast Moderator, Staff
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    Hiya - looks like someone else already got you a helpful answer on what's currently supported from a resolution standpoint in-game! As noted, while we plan to provide you many options to customize your UI as you see fit, many of those options are not in quite yet as part of Alpha testing.

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please don't hesitate to reach back out if there's anything else we can assist with in the meantime!
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