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Concept: Beacons, tracking and Dowsing.

Concept: Beacons, tracking and Dowsing.

We know large resource group clusters can take a while to be exhausted when found.
Probably requiring group effort for the node.
But we have to go out and find them.
So the concept of this is to give race and artisans unique tracking methods.
But for anything ranging from herds to ore to lumber types to plants

Tracking is a binary system that requires some kind of beacon though.
So I was thinking of proximity beacons that tracking methods can lock onto.
They dont have to give range, only direction and could be unreliable.
This would enable gatherer to improve their tracking ability with skill level.
Giving them a unique utility skill set.

On this list would be both devices (inorganic) and animals (organic).
The animal may need breeders and tamers or following wild animals to their associated resource.
The device may need crafters and smelters to create them and then follow its resonant focus if you have the skill.
Dowsing rods, compass or anything along those lines.


  • While this idea sounds good, I must admit ... this feels like something that might " break-the-game " and make Crafting Broken - too easy.

    How would this break it ? because AoC Devs wants everything connected - if one thing breaks that same "connection" ( i.e. In-Game Economy Change ), then they'll have to try and balance that.

    In addition, I personally, would rather not be Spoon-Fed the location of the Crafting Material. In fact, not only would i recommend the old-fashion-way of looking for it,

    </strong><ul>but also randomizing where the Crafting Materials respawn. </ul><strong>

    I say this, because ... well ... i don't want to be seeing an Online Guide informing Players on how to find Crafting Material A, Crafting Material B, Crafting Material C, etc ...
    ( so on and so forth )

    All-in-all, neat idea though
  • Now that i think of it .... it sounds like an Pokemon Item called, "itemfinder", right ?

    In any case, the Dowsing-thing you mentioned sounds kinda good ; considering that if Devs implemented a Mechanic to where if Players can't be underwater that long.

    ( i.e. coming back up the Water and gasping for air )

    then it seems good :D. Just hoping not to be Spoon-fed . xD
  • <img src="https://media.giphy.com/media/ps9BlVDtrRapy/giphy.gif" alt="" />
  • @Eragale
    I completely understand and agree on the problem of being spoon fed.
    Thats why I stated 'unreliable' ;)

    A beacon might pulse once very hour. That only gives you a temporary lock on.
    A beacon could be effected by environment dynamics like wind has with scent.
    A beacon might be hindered by line of sight.
    The sensor might be problematic or unreliable too.
    A sniffer pet might be temperamental or distracted by 'other' beacons.
    So you could end up finding something you wasnt really trying to find.

    The point is to point you in a rough direction rather than try to find a needle in a haystack.
    The point is to send you on a adventure that may or may not lead you to the goal.
  • If they do implement such an idea, i would hope its a really high level gathering skill.
  • I guess if you think about it.....its not that far removed form the bounty hunter system.
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