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[FAN-LORE] Regrets

Aloha my Loves o/
Since I had way to much time on my hands and thinking, instead of studying I might as well do something meaningful, why not write something fan-lore-wise, because..well, you know..procrastination!
Anyways, without any further ado:


"Forgive me, I have failed you! Not as your king but as your friend!" His voice was cold. There was no kindness in his black eyes, only one emotion could be seen, no, could be felt, or to say, only one emotion suppressed all the other - hatred.
He wore tightly-fitted, seamlessly knitted black leather armour. A crimson red cloak with a three headed wolf, lay comfortably over his thrown. Golden thread was intricately woven into his raiment, displaying the grandeur of a king, no, The King. This man who looked nothing older than 30 was Aarmom Res Ceadis XII. The Tyrant of the Battlefield, a name not given by his enemies but by his inferiors. It was not of revulsion for him but for his accomplishments, he did not distinguish between foe and friend, good and evil, light and dark, no, there were only those that severed him and those that perished before him. He dominated the battlefields, no, the world.

Instead of progress and knowledge men choose another path - a darker path - war, seeking supremacy. But these ideals, these yearnings came with a hefty price. One that humanity were more than willing to pay. Little did humans care about other races, other species or even nature itself. They were here to rule, to govern what rightfully belongs to them, or so they thought..

Dangers. Threats to humanity were looming in darkness. Nurturing on hatred, angst, and the fact that humanity was never able to unite.

<em>With calamities maturing in darkness, a world that was changing and everything moving in accordance to the conclave. The advent was near.</em>

Thus the really dangerous time began, the Goldless Era, Death's Bloom.
Aarmom Res Ceadis XII was sitting high in his throne. This eerie throne was named "Remnant of the Past", a relic, passed down from one king to his successor. Still, the most distinctive feature was not its height but its material. Bones.
Some believe each bone was a 'gift', a sacrifice taken by the king before his enemies died by his hands, others say this artifact was in fact 'magical' granting the wielder enormous power, longevity and endless fortune.

But that of course were just stories, legends even. No one had ever experienced the throne to emitting anything but a macabre presence, since in making, countless individuals must have died.

"Not in my darkest nightmares would I have thought that my only child would turn against me, joining their ranks. I've failed you, for I had chosen family over you, my subordinates. Many of you have fought multiple battles alongside me. Some of you even warned me, I was clouded by her, I was clouded by love. But I am no longer. I ensure you, I will kill him myself. He has not just turned against me but against humanity. I ask you, not as your king but as your fellow human, your brother, join me, let them pay for what they have done to us. We should show them who should rule this world supreme!" His voice echoed throughout the palace halls.
Aarmom slowly rose from his throne, unsheathed his sword raised it towards the kneeling soldiers and cried: "For Etrial! We will never prevail! For our cause is pure! May Shibus guide us, may she smile upon her servants and grant us her divine blessings!"
"For Etrial! We will never prevail! For our cause is pure!" These chants were shouted by the kneeling soldiers, reverberating through the palace halls.

Egoism, a word well known to humanity, almost caused their demise...

|Memoirs, The Fallen Prince (incomplete)


Okay, I might have gone a little overboard here and there. Please be gentle.. We're still not at the all out war, the reason why this world lays in "Ashes".
Furthermore, I still need to incorporate the Phoenix-like creature, one of the 'confirmed' gods. So yeah, we're still missing some Lore ^-^

~ Zention


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