Weapon Viewer Examples from Vermintide

These are from Vermintide End Times and i think this is such a dope aspect of the game, just being able to hold your weapon up close to your face and just look at the detailwork of your badass weapon.

I'd love if Intrepid studios could implement such a feature in their game. I know i've said this before but I think with Unreal 4 it shouldnt be too difficult to make it happen, and it would make their game stand out even more from the mmo genre, as Vermintide is the only game i know of where you can do this. Ofcourse there are other games that lets you zoom in on items in your inventory and thats also dope (borderlands, skyrim)


  • Would actually be a nice touch especially if players names are engraved on items - maybe we will actually be able to see the name on the object xD
  • Make me want to kill some rats ^^
  • Yeah would be great to see the makers name, as the axe is imbedded in your head.
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