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Mounts and Breeding

i wasn't really sure where to put this and i couldn't find anything through searches about it....but here goes anyways

In the very few game's i've played that had such a system i have enjoyed and that system is taming your mounts out in the wild from the creatures that exists within it. yea, sure you can buy a horse at a that fun? nah...not really lol. so here is my spill:

I would like a mount system where we went out into the world and tamed creatures/beasts we could ride and be able to breed said creatures to obtain different results. For example, i'm out harvesting some wood and i find a large pack of dire wolves....i tame one of them....then i take said wolf back to my home (in which i have a "stable") and put him there. i then go back and tame another one, the first one was light gray, the 2nd one was dark i breed these 2 wolves...oh wow, look...I got a lucky pure black dire has increased speed and wow a shadowleap skill (special jump) or something of the like.

the wolves were just an example but one can tell what kind of creatures would actually make a feasible mount in a fantasy world. here is a list of some ideas of some creatures that one might be able to obtain (flight within the game withstanding):
1. Dire Wolves
2. Giant Spiders
3. Bears
4. Large predatory cats
5. horses
6. dragons (drakes)
7. large lizard like creatures
8. pegasus
9. griffon
10. there are actually soooo many ideas one could have but i do not know what all kinds of races and classes there will be in the game to formulate more. i mean a lot of people have idea but how do they work within the confines of the game and work with the game engine and programming are 2 different animals.

theory: if say they have small races like elven fairies, rat people, gnomes it might be possible to tame a giant or an ogre and ride on it's shoulder...sorry just spitballin here. just getting ideas that they may or may not have thought of out there. more is always better, can toss out the rest of the junk that might be irrelevant.

i'm curious to see what they might of had in mind for mounts and things like that so we might be able to come up with something that could be fun and entertaining without breaking the game world (like flight, no idea what their opinions are on said travel mechanics) is the world big enough to warrant flight...or is it to small to make such a thing warranted? i'm not a big fan of flight as it seems to shrink the playfield a bit to much, but..i'm not hardcore against it either cause it has it's coolfactor lol.


  • I do like the idea of taming wild animals for mounts and also for breeding purposes. Good news is there has been talk of taming creatures and also animal husbandry ;)
  • Taming and breeding pets and mounts will be a thing in ashes, and I believe it will also be a artisan class and a viable way of progressing, just like the other professions .

    - Most dragons will only be given out to kings, queens and majors. The ones obtainable by the average player, will have a time limit on them, meaning the dragon will die after a certain amount of time.

    You should go in and check out the discord channel, as many questions/answers and pictures are released there.
  • One thing I really liked about Riders of Icarus and basically threw the rest of the game away was the fact I could go out and see a really cool animal, "I want that." and tame it.

    Pretty excited Ashes is going a different route aside from the usual buy a horse or w/e for 50 gold.
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