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Something something Chim

Greetings my n'wahs! I just spent over £75 on a fantasy dream game of wonderment! Please help me feel good about my purchase! 


  • @Nwahwithattitude lol, I spent more if that makes you feel any better :wink:. This dream mmo is being made by mmo players for mmo players. It won't fail, I and this community have strong faith in Ashes.
  • largest community funded mmorpg in history by some amazing devs :D this has got to be good! 
  • your money will help starving skeletons 
  • The games going to be great fun its money well spent just got to wait now
  • Heya @Nwahwithattitude. Welcome to the "we spent far too much on pledges... and might even spend more" support group :)
  • Welcome, fellow traveler! You are in good company here, we are all very confident in Intrepid team skills and good will. AoC is going to be great.
  • I cannot help you to feel good about your purchase good Sir Madam Skeleton Person... 
    For shame... only $75... I would donate money to aid you to increase your pledge but I'm impoverished now myself. 

    *considers getting around to arranging crowdfunding to assist and properly welcome the friendly @Nwahwithattitude to the community. *

    Don't feel bad, there's over 10000 people who feel that this is the right thing to be spending money on, and not all of them can be wrong :smiley:
  • Welcome to our food pantry, err forums!  Tea and crumpets on the table for all those who donated to the cause!

    Answers to how you got here and where this train is headed will be given as we head to our destination.
  • Welcome @Nwahwithatttitude! There's a whole community here of big spenders and big support so hopefully you'll feel just at home.
  • Welcome there friend!!!
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    nagash said:
    your money will help starving skeletons 
    Aren't all skeletons "starving"? I mean, no internal organs anymore, so where'd you keep whatcha et? :wink:

    Welcome aboard! Pull up a seat, get comfy, and enjoy. And yes, we're backers too, @Possum and I. Just think! Whatever level we backed at? We had to do it twice!
  • Welcome to the community, @Nwahwithattitude!  Don't hesitate to ask questions if you have them.  Lots of helpful people (and skeletons) around here.
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