Seasonal Wheater

I saw a video yesterday, and it displayed the same area as sunny and blossomed, to covered in snow with snowflakes falling... Does this mean we will have seasons? I know many games have a day & night cycle, some zones it tends to rain often... 

But I feel it would be amazing if our environment had actual seasons, and the weather was based on the season. And the seasons affect the wildlife within different areas. For example, winter would mean more hunting for pelts/fur and meat. Fewer herbs to gather, because usually most (not all) flowers/plants dont grow in cold snowy weather.


  • Nevermind for my question. lol. I saw another video based on this about seasons. Thank you so much for including seasons & seasonal weather. xD
  • No no no, we got to explore this a little bit.  Season Wheater, I guess we can make different types of breads and pastas based of the season.  After all, they all use various forms of wheat, and I know a good Winter Wheater Ale is just the thing when sitting around a fireplace.  Why this seasonal Wheater thing could be the breakthrough of the century, imagine the various ales the dwarves could make throughout the year.  Or the breads that the human villages could bake.  Imagine a multi-season wheater bread fresh out of the over and topped with some fresh homemade butter.  I could go on an on about this, as there are so many possibilities.

    Just messing with Nymix, I'm the last person in the world to make fun of someones spelling, as mine is the worst.
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