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Player Held Positions of "Authority"?

So I hope there isn't a topic about this already that I missed, but I just watched the Q&A video (I know I'm behind on my following...) And I thought of something I've always been a fan of in MMOs and that's that players can hold "offices" in the game.

This is more than just being a guild leader, but the Node system and how it was explained made me realize how well this system could lend to the community driven environment AoC has.

I'm assuming there will be a leader of a Node, a mayor so to speak. But what if he could appoint or hold an election for a Judge, Captain of the City Watch or Class Leaders. ( How awesome would it be to be the Node's Grandmaster of Paladins or ArcheMage?!)

These could just be a status, like a Title or serve some real function, such a profession guide or handle bounties.

Is there any plan to implement an idea similar to this?


  • I'm sure there is. After all, every organization needs a leader, or at lease a top council. I guess there will be a vote cast among those, who own a piece of a land or a house in the node. At least, that is my 1st guess. I think everyone will be eligible and a selector for the top position of the node.

    Or, my 2nd guess, if they want to make it interesting enough, they will allow a hostile takeover / putsch / siege-related leader change. Now, that would be something.
  • this title alone reminded me of .Hack// Series  :D
  • I'm hoping there will be a separation of Node Management and Guild Management. For example, I think it would be interesting if there was something like a Node President / Vice President.These would be players who are voted into power and they would not necessarily need to be from the same Guild.

    This would reduce the chances of a single large guild swallowing up all control of a region. By having different players from different guilds be in charge of different aspects of a city would be really good. It would increase the chances of backstabbing and under the table dealings with other guilds for what some people might want to do (taxes, expansion, declaration of wars, etc.)
  • @fanzhon
    Castles are run by guilds, nodes are run by players. Node elections happen every month. The way leaders are selected depends on the node. Scientific nodes use voting, you buy your way into power in economic nodes, military node leaders are chosen by combat, and religous nodes are decided by who contributes most to the religion(I think).  
  • Holy Necro Thread Batman!

    I think we know quite a bit more about nodes now though to answer this. 
  • Karthos said:
    Holy Necro Thread Batman!

    I had the same thought.  lol
  • ^^ How was this thread even found in the depth of many forum pages aha ^^ Nice revival :P
  • @McStackerson Greetings!

    I understand this is the aim that Intrepid Studios have in mind but they've not really expanded into detail about how they intend on preventing large guilds developing a monopoly on a region or if they consider this a concern at all. 

    I would personally prefer a system similar to Log Horizon's Round Table.

    Selecting multiple Guild Leaders to represent a node sounds much more fair for the decision making process than having a single person take charge. 

    So far they've only listed methods. Voting, purchasing seats, through battle/duels and through religion are only processes of selection. They can be used in conjuction with a round table system.
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    edited July 2017
    Shouldn't just be guild leaders.
    Especially not in a scientific node.
    Also, the devs have mentioned a governing council several times, so it's not just one leader ruling the node alone, there will be a council of leaders elected by the node's election system.
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