not sure if its been mentioned but if you say have a freehold near a small city with NPC's could you say attach yourself to a merchant settlement and train NPC's and make them stronger so people will seek out your merc's for hire to defend your stuff. like teach them skills train them to use different weapons give them player skills potentially at a higher level.  so you can essentially train your own Mob's just a neat thought.


  • Wouldn't it be more fun to gather people and become your own mercenary company?
  • well it definitely could. but as a resource point of view as you can hire caravan guards that are NPC. being able to say build an outpost where you can hire and train NPC's to be stronger to loan to traders at a nearby merchant hub for a price, or to guilds that want extra help defending castles! I just think the option would be nice even if the NPC's served as cannon fodder so you can say order NPC's to attack the siege equipment via mounts or certain spells while the players go for the commander or another objective! back to my original point, I think caravan guards that are stronger better equipment or spells/attacks/hitpoints would be a good tradable commodity. give more ways to play the game so if someone is purely into trading they can.
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