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  • Re: Key Drawing Winners! (new entries system) Week 41

    I still haven't received one. Obviously an oversight or an error with the drawing system ;P

  • Re: Variety of Summons to Choose to from ; variety in obtaining them

    FliP said:
    Summons could be based on knowledge, eg. once a summoner killed 100000 of a mob, their gain knowledge about it and can shape their summon to that mobs appearance.
    Can we do just 500 instead? Please?
  • Re: Variety of Summons to Choose to from ; variety in obtaining them

    All I know if I had control over it it'd be just foxes. If they were elemental, fire/ice/shock fox. If they were undead or did affliction damage and undead or bog fox.

    Personally I'd like summon roles that are selected (tank, support, dps) and then you can choose an appearance. The appearances could be crafted, discovered, drops, achievement rewards, etc. Have some challenging ones with special appearances. Maybe even have a slot for effects like flames, radiating light, shadowy aura, etc. A summoner should have control over what they are summoning and what it can do... they shouldn't be limited like a tamer would be.
  • Re: Mid-fight weapon switching?

    As long as there is a equip/dequip animation that can't be canceled I'm all for it.
    *gets struck by an arrow*
    *stows greatsword and rummages through bag*
    *gets struck by more arrows*
    *pulls out sword and shield*
    *gets hit by more arrows and falls over dead*
  • Re: Thoughts on Realistic Mechanics?

    I want my character to permadie if they catch dysentery or bubonic plague if I don't wipe.

    Joking aside, I like bonuses derived from realistic things but I don't think they should hamper my gameplay. The good ol' food buffs, sharpening buffs, well-fit clothes, enjoyment and inspiration, bonuses for playing with people you've played with.

    There are so many flavor of life bonuses you could add but they should be that, bonuses.