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Why hello there!

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to shout out a quick hi(!!!) as I've recently registered. I'm a guy, 31 and based in England, UK.

I've wanted to jump back into an MMO again for years now but none of the titles available at the moment really fulfill what I'm looking for. Some other posters have already mentioned it, but it really does feel like we get 60% of what we're looking for in some games and maybe another game does the other 40% but misses the original 60% hah! It's not only that but I think I'm quite particular when it comes to the world setting and graphical style.

In any case, from the (albeit very limited) information that's been released regarding Ashes, I'm definitely going to be keeping a close eye on things here. It's only one out of a couple of potential releases that has made me do a double take and research the hell out of it :-).

Here's to a successful development! Looking forward to more details being released as time goes on and chatting with all of you.

All the best,



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