Forum Improvements

I love the forums but I feel like I miss some things, things like if I find a user who posts good things it would be nice to have a button to follow (stalke) him ;) and maybe to be able to see how many posts a person have done. And just a notification tab so see if someone responded to a previous post. Just things that many other forums have. what do you guys think?


  • Interpid Studio, please get rid off this crappy WordPress forum. I know it is free and you probably created it for a few hours and have in mind something better for the future, but you must change it now. It is really slow and not user-friendly. You can simply purchase 100 times better templates for cheap and pay for medium priced hosting to keep the forums super fast even with high traffic.
  • They already have plans to change the forums after the Kickstarter starts.
  • Would be nice to not use our usernames as forum nicknames as well. TY ♥
  • [quote quote=10998]Would be nice to not use our usernames as forum nicknames as well. TY ♥


    It is just a shitty almost free WordPress platform. I made the same kind of forum back in school for a few hours. They have professionals there so it took them no more than 2 hours to create it..
  • Its a bit silly on a smartphone in mobile mode. Ends up with one letter per line for nested quotes. Takes a long time tobacroll to the bottom.
  • I actually started a <a href="">thread</a> on the subject recently. I very much agree that the website needs improvement.
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