Deep in the Heart of Texas

Hey, all! Looking forward to playing with all y'all. No idea which class(es) I will be playing. I prefer stealth and loathe glass cannons though, so....
Previous MMOs: Everquest (1 &2) DAOC, Asherons Call, Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars The Old Republic, WoW, Lineage 2, Aion, Conan, Final Fantasy 14, LotRO, ESO, and dozens of others.


  • Hey sammavet! Glad you decided to join the community! I also like stealth class(played rogue on nearly all MMOs i've played), but this time i think i will be focusing almost entirely on the trading aspect of the game, so i'll decide based on that. Anyway, welcome to the community and to AoC!
  • Welcome, my sneaky friend :)
  • Welcome sammavet! good to have you join us Friend. I'm going for the Tank/Cleric or Tank/summoner.

    If you need help just take a look at this.
    A Newbie’s Guide: Ashes of Creation Information
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