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So what class / class combination will you make? (Lighthearted thread)

I know it's pretty early to be thinking about this, without information regarding classes and their specific movesets, but I just wanted to start a lighthearted thread among the more serious topics here. I read there will be 8 classes: Fighter, Tank, Ranger, Mage, Summoner, Cleric, Rouge and Bard (what the frank is a "Bard"?). Most of those are pretty self explanatory: Tanks will be slow, yet beefy melee warriors with a plethora of crowd control likely built into their movesets. Mages will have abilities that will let them rain down serious AoE damage, Summoners will be the classic "pet" class, etc.. This is of course my own speculation-- I could be totally wrong. Also, I've read that after a certain level, you will be able to choose a second class to add to your original, further expanding your skills, combining to a pretty unique character wilt a whopping 64 possible class combinations! (Tank - Ranger???? WHAT???)

So I'm just curious as to what you all will be playing! Also, hey, if anyone has more insider information regarding classes, please, feel more than free to discuss them!

I will be playing as a TANK primarily. I'm set on this. Even if the class (god forbid) comes out terribly underpowered, I have decided that I will stick with it, and if it's bad, awaiting a fix and time in the FOTM (hopefully there isn't too much of this FOTM garbage) spotlight. I find the most enjoyment in being in the thick of battle and being able to dish out damage while shrugging damage off. Lots more satisfying (to me) than yawning (heh heh to all you ranged DPS players) on the backline, or waiting for the perfect moment to strike like a squish-o-matic (another heh heh to Assassins) Rouge. I want to run up in there, hit whatever baddie it is in the face, take a beating, and live to tell the tale.

As for a secondary class add-on (idk if this is correct terminology, please excuse my ignorance), it's a toss up. I have no clue which one to add-on because all of the possibilities sound way too cool to be like , yup, that's the one I want. Tank-Fighter I am expecting to be the most exhilarating, adrenaline filled combo. I imagine a beef-cake melee warrior dashing around, ramming into enemies, stunning crowds with a decent AoE or locking down a single target, while setting them up for a fatality. I'm not the best Support / Healer since I can tend to focus on the enemies more than my teammates (but I am a teamplayer...funny how that works), so a Healing class mixed with my Tank, while sounding intriguing (and highly sought after by team-oriented guilds), probably won't be as "satisfying" to play to my personal preferences. Tank-Mage sounds pretty cool. Run in there, bash the crowd and pull them in with a circular, magical AoE while your backline obliterates them ("yup, I started that" moments are awesome). Sounds pretty cool. I do love mobility, however. A tank that can dash around the battlefield?...I smell PvP (come at me bro heh heh). Tank-Rouge sounds intriguing to me too, but I'm not sure how it'll work. Tank-Summoner is out of the question- can't have a CPU controlled pet steal the show (yes, tanks like to be the "center of attention" heh heh). What a Tank-Bard will do is beyond me. Anyway, if you read this far, thanks for reading. Sorry for tl;dr and I hope to battle alongside / against you all soon!

Peace :)


  • I remember in Dark age of camelot, there is a classe Bard and it was a buff classe and rogue style. A little bit weak :p

    For me it's Cleric for the first classe ! I can't think to play a MMO without healing ! And the second classe, maybe Fighter or Tank to play as a Paladin, or a Mage to be 100% spell caster !

    (Sorry for my bad english)
  • Not sure right now, all depends on how things turn out.

    but classes i am interested in are ranger, bard (a bard is usually a rogue style fighter that uses music to buff or debuff enemies, kind of a jack of all trades type character), summoner if their pet ai is decent.

    I also like tanks but when you make a class called tank it better be a tank.

    I am interested in trying out a tank/cleric or summoner/bard. tank cleric can tank and maybe heal himself or party and summoner/bard can summon pets then use bard abilities to buff them.

    All depends on how things work though and right now we just dont have enough information but that starts my line of thinking.
  • Well... for the first class will definitely be rogue, it's the class i always play in any MMO first.

    Secondary, i dunno, cleric or bard possibly, maybe ranger, try and make a hybrid range/melee assassin type class. Was thinking of playing as a bounty hunter or mercenary.
  • For me my frist class will be a fighter (praying for 2hs or axes as weapons) would love to be able to dash around the field and having some stuns while doing some burst damage and having some survivability.

    Secondary class: I'm thinking mage or maybe summoner. Mage because I would love to see flaming slashes or maybe Lightning infuse AOES, something close to kirito's star burst stream ???? Would be awesome.

    An as for summoner. Everyone would love to tag team a mob with a beastly summon ( lion summon plz!!!!). Like think about it. We both can take on enemies, would be awesome for grinding.
  • i am thinking one of four...cleric, summoner, rogue, ranger.......i like the summoner/rogue idea....but i like the idea of ranged and healing or ranged and summoner for close up battles or close combat.......probably summoner/cleric? AHHK will probably roll a mix of all these until i find the right one...i love having ppl around me i love guilds also...but i love being able to go on my own and hold my own for as much as i am able...that way i feel like i can bring more if i can keep myself alive and no one has to worry about me...wont do warrior.....nor fighter i don't think....i like sneak...i like the ability to help my betters by healing...but i also like the whimsical fantasy of a hunter the for herself! my god i can't wait to see these guys in action...see what parts of what type you can use.....the mage alone i am loving the ball of light.....
  • I'm definitely rolling a tank as well, but I'm tempted to try out a Tank - Cleric combo. As you said, it's subject to change when more information is released, but that seems like a good tanky combo with a lot of solo capacity for my style. :)
  • Vek Bard/Rogue
  • Empyrean Fighter. Will later branch to Fighter/Mage or Fighter/Summoner. This depends on a lot though, like the way I'm envisioning a fighter in my head. It could easily be Rogue/Mage or Summoner.
  • Rogue/Mage
  • [quote quote=13720]Rogue/Mage


    Lol...yeah...what you said...I always seem to go back to rogue...every game that was my main character.
  • Probably Summoner/Mage or something/Summoner. I love pet classes when done right and I haven't played a full caster since my EQ days way back when. That and I'm a sucker for sweet particle effects.
  • Tank/rogue. Sounds like it would go really well or really bad. Guess I'll find out.
  • I will properly go Mage/Something. Always like mage playstyle.
  • Healer as main, no question

    Will have to see about secondary as to what provides the best combos
  • Orc Rogue/Tank

    This way I can role-play, and yell out "HULK SMASH" before stabbing people with a tiny dagger.
  • Either Human Fighter/ Tank, Fighter/Fighter, Fighter/Rogue, or Orc Fighter/Tank, Fighter/Fighter
  • Py'rai Ranger/Rogue.
  • I will be a mage/something, i havent decided. A mage/warrior would be awesome, but i will have to see how the augements take effect first.
  • Orc or Human Tank /Tank
  • We still don't know what "inside" each architypes. As for now from 8 current architypes/ and from my point of view on design of those "classes" - i just can't create a charater what i really want...
    Suppose - for some time i just try to play in cleric/bard or cleric/fighter style ...
    Waiting for more info.
  • I'm guaranteed to play as a Bard first. The big thing I like about them is that they are a sort of jack of all trades class in most games, and the idea that intrigues me the most about them is that they have they know, in essence, words of power that grant special effects towards enemies and allies. With that in mind, my second class is split among a rogue, summoner, or mage. Not sure which yet until I see more.
  • I think i will probably go for Bard/Summoner or Summoner/Bard if the summons are cool and not stupid.
    Otherwise i will probably go for a Bard/Cleric or Bard/Fighter based on the Bard class skills...
  • Rogue+something. Whenever I try to break out of my comfort zone, I always end up regretting it (except my guardian in GW2). It's almost disappointing to see so many other rogues in this thread. ;-)
  • I am thinking Dwarf Fighter/Bard or Bard/Fighter. This is sure to change at least a few hundred times before the game releases, and even then I will likely change my main character several more times in the first six months. I have MMO class commitment issues =\
  • The fighter class that is hardest to kill. So usually fighter / cleric or fighter / bard. As for race probably human or elf if they dont look to "femmy"
  • Probably something like Rogue/Mage or Rogue/Summoner. I like being a stealthy character, and I like the concept of adding in a magical element to make it more unique.
  • I am always intrigued by a bard type class. My first gaming experience in Everquest was on a bard and, while I'm sure the gameplay may differ vastly from EQ... the idea of the class is still something I enjoy seeing done right. I typically go to more standard humanoid type races but I guess it will depend on what's available!
  • Vek Orc Summoner/Bard or Mage.

    The Handler of Dismal Fates, the Disher of them too.
  • Warrior/Tank

    There is no other class. :D
  • Bard-->Summoner
    Sing a song and bring Brooms to life like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia.

    Call forth the Singing Moose of Death.
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