Offering myself (for lore)

Hi. I just saw this project on kickstarter and it sounded awesome!
I imidetly came to forum and registered and started reading.
Seeing how there is almost no lore (or a small amount that I managed to find), I offer myself to write down some stuff if you need. I love writing stories and quests. There are currently two of my books in game "The Black Death" that are obtainable and readable where I won in a contest. I also work on my own small RPGMAKER game with open-world so there are lot's of quests, stories and random conversation. I hope if any dev reads this contact me if want to help out this awesome to be game grow (for free of course).
Also, if needed, I can help devs translate game to German, Russian, Serbian, Croat and Bosnian language if needed (for free of course).

Keep the good work devs, I'm off to haunt the forum a bit :D


  • He wants to keep the lore mostly secret to find out for your self.

    And there is still less lore know in facts.

    We left the planets for a reason and now we are back for a reason. Thats mostly all.
  • Ye, I have a small summary of the game lore. I also saw that he's a bit stingy on the lore hehe
    Well, I can help out with quests also and as mentioned with translation. Well, the game should be amazing when it hits.
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